58 city double eleven running upgrade to recruiting and logistics providers

do not know when, in November 11th became a lively day than the holiday, just like a pair of Internet electricity providers and online shopping family Carnival together. With the double eleven promotion in recent years, the electricity supplier sales surge, pots filled with more than, but also exacerbated the competition between the electricity supplier. Although the distance from the "double eleven" and a period of time, but the network has four gunsmoke, from Ali blocked a major electricity supplier double 11 trademark rights to the Jingdong issued a public letter response, will also be the war between previous electricity supplier to face the climax and running.


on Ali the right to the use of the double 11 trademark legal action in a certain extent, has caused some trouble on the major electricity supplier, but the major electricity supplier has been mustering the momentum is also imminent forced to provide logistics support, the courier company for them, and also in the tight time to prepare.

"double eleven" this year coincides with the Beijing APEC during the vehicle odd even in Beijing, for the express delivery company greater challenge. The reporter learned that, at present some of its own electricity supplier logistics and third party logistics companies in response to the limited number of APEC time recruiting, preparing for the "double eleven", the 58 city recruitment platform has become the logistics enterprises recruiting base.

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before the date of the State Post Bureau released data show that in 2014 the "double 11" will appear during the logistics peak express business volume will exceed 500 million. According to the China Express Association predicts that in November 11th this year, the volume is expected to reach 251 million. "High salary courier", "seeking emergency delivery, gender, age, education not limited to"…… Reporters opened 58 city and other recruitment sites to search for local courier recruitment, hundreds of high salaries, emergency message express immediately jumped out of the staff, many of whom are logistics enterprises.

in the 58 city recruitment of enterprise area, Jingdong, Nadu, SF and other many famous enterprises in the courier. Out of the salary conditions are also more generous than usual, most courier companies in the online monthly salary of 3000 yuan to $5000, and some even opened a $6000. According to media reports, in order to "grab" supple courier, many courier companies even competing bidding here to call ten thousand, there would dare to shout twelve thousand more cattle express companies have even given fifteen thousand…… In this regard, urban white-collar workers have expressed a variety of envy envy hate". The reporters found that in addition to the recent popular logistics demand, many other such as Baidu, Michelin, bestseller clothing, BELLE and other well-known enterprises in the recruitment of 58 city. 58 city recruitment channel official told reporters, at present, the name of the city area has more than and 600 well-known enterprises settled in the city, basically all sectors of the TOP10, the number of Posts has been released more than 1000".


is not only a "professional" courier popular, the reporter also saw in the 58 city, in recent.

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