Double 12 love in the end Suning Appliance preheating love section

[original] HEA home network in November 29th 29, reporters from Suning Appliance network all over the country to see the official micro-blog official blog, head of Suning Appliance and local institutions have been changed into the most love 12 patterns and marked theme activities as "Su Ningai shopping festival".

, according to the relevant sources said Suning, the purchase of love festival is Suning will soon be on the line in December 12th 12 double a love in the end, a large promotional logo logo.

but these people did not disclose specific details about the double 12 promotion, promotional activities will again push the whole category of online and offline activities is still not that price.

however, according to reporters from the Beijing Suning Appliance learned from yesterday (28 days) 12:: 00, Beijing Suning launched the whole point of levy grab red activities. Active display 0:00 every day every 2 hours will be released about 10000 Red 120 yuan will be in Suning stores to buy mobile phone, camera, computer, TV, and many other products use envelopes to offset the corresponding amount, grab red activities will be divided into two stages at the end of December 5th and December 11th.


in addition to promotions upcoming dual 12 "love shopping festival", the day before the media dug is quietly testing the video on-line shopping channel. The reporter learned from the official website of, Suning large scale video shopping did not open, but hidden inside pages fast navigation bar. The reporters were watching several products, different from the TV shopping program is video, video shopping channel attention to detail, the product itself and the performance of the actual effect description of sales channels compared to the usual pure pictures and data type, the shopping channel in stereo video and sensory more close into the heart.

Market Management Center Deputy Director Min Juanqing said that the huge shopping video material library is difficult, but once formed, will enable Suning stores full access to Internet shopping experience possible, a large number of standardized products will replace the original video introduction to maximize the promotion demonstration function, adapt to the characteristics of shopping group good at Internet browsing line.

for the future of video material costs are passed on to consumers or investors, Juan min Qing said the industrial production of hardware video library, one-time investment, mainly labor costs, amortization of product quantity is not high, and suppliers are willing to pay for high-quality video guide advertising, especially the future will be laid to the line store network. executive vice president Li Bin also said in the micro-blog campaign, video shopping is not only for the online shopping group is a new experience, to create the Internet stores is a technology based on a considerable degree, can replace the promoters to explain, not good at obtaining consumer information network.

A new model of consumer experience founded

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