The three carriages together and force the cat Ning 418 gameplay exposure

every year in April is the annual consumption season, the first half of this year than the 418 most popular shopping carnival. At the end of March, announced that Tmall will jointly build a home appliance 3C "double eleven" – New Buy 418, as the first comprehensive joint operations between the two sides, "New Buy418" in the end how to play, what are the highlights, and will bring a new experience for how consumers, lead to social concerns.

on the afternoon of April 6th, responsible for online, offline, Suning Tmall Project Department of three Suning executives interviewed by the media, for the first time revealed to the outside world, the New Buy 418 specific gameplay.


two platforms, one of the four channels play "New Buy418" into a new starting T show

as the two giants of the retail sector, and Tmall in the marketing level has its own characteristics, and have achieved success. The "New Buy418" as the first joint training between the two sides, the characteristics of the integration of resources superiority, how to produce "1+1> 2" marketing effect. Su ningyun, vice president of marketing headquarters Internet platform company vice president Chen Xuhua in an interview with reporters, the first disclosure of Suning Tmall to play "418" details.

"we have established 4.18 joint operations command, this command will be as high command of and Tmall during the 4.18. The 418 we propose 1+X play, 1 refers to the two platform (, Tmall) and four channels (, stores, stores, Tmall flagship store) all the same gameplay, including appliances full minus one hundred thousand is not capped, 6 to 12 interest free mobile phone. 1+X "X" refers to stores across the country can according to the characteristics of the local increase in their own play on this basis." Chen Xuhua said.

and cat Ning strong home court "gravitational waves" also attracted a large number of brands to participate, from personalized Haier small sea lions to HelloKitty water heater, washing machine by the fan favorite, and then let fancier crazy big Xinjiang wizard 4 UAV and so on, a lot of new products debut in the "418" period in succession landing with a "T taiwan".

, the 4.18, through the media delivery, drainage, up to 5 billion times the strong exposure and precise coverage of the crowd to cover the 600 million online shopping so many brands are also actively involved in. We have combined brands focused on the introduction of the new starting plan, a new tide, the designer of custom works launched in There is a play on the new starting in the new, such as the Haier electric water heater "small sea lion", HelloKitty washing machine, will attract a large number of fans to interact with brands on, Tmall platform, and we are the first in the industry to launch the "brand canvassing activities, on ‘> powder

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