Winter to Analysis of the development of electricity supplier constraints six killers

when online shopping became an integral part of our life, when we are immersed in the very convenient and fast shopping pleasure, perhaps we have not realized that the electricity supplier is as it were so bright, brilliant behind it, it is difficult to progress the embarrassment. Some people even said: "the electricity supplier in the winter is coming."

electricity market turmoil as early as reflected in the middle of the network group purchase after crazy, nearly two years of development, the market finally ushered in a major reshuffle, the industry shut down, broke a series of such as a large number of layoffs, run away funds, mergers and acquisitions news. Backlog has long been a major outbreak of various negative issues, all kinds of group buying disputes soared, the consequences of thousands of regiments after the war began to emerge.

give up the vicious competition consciousness of innovation

group purchase network problems of the development of the electricity supplier is just the tip of the iceberg, the reason is the vicious competition, crazy copycat. Group purchase website of low threshold, small investment, the small and medium-sized enterprises have flocked to this big cake, mechanical copy of group purchase net profit model and operating direction, a brilliant and not for the entire chelseagreat group purchase market, but lead to the credibility of network group purchase landslide. While the large scale group purchase website in the face of such fierce competition, can not pause rectification, improve the overall service, is to let the market one disaster after another.

success can be copied, but can not abandon the sense of innovation. King of the success of the cottage Tencent, he copied the innovation behind the development.

external environment constraints

although the electricity supplier companies now want money, someone. But there are more problems than money can solve. For example, now online with Alipay as the representative of the payment platform, although gradually improving, but the payment is quite complicated, and because of the long cycle is not conducive to the business flow of capital, which is a major drawback restricts the small and medium-sized business.

another restriction is reflected in the logistics, the biggest problem encountered in the Kuba period of rapid development, logistics and supply chain integration system is not perfect, directly lead to the third ranked "prostitute" Gome electricity supplier. As to directly affect the user experience, but also the logistics problems caused by the major electricity supplier has also done a lot of effort, the Alibaba Taobao logistics strategy, warehousing platform program and the latest and nine logistics cooperation, Dangdang and other Jingdong, is heavily the construction of logistics system. It can be said that if the logistics to do a good job, the whole electricity supplier will be stepping stone, do not but also the biggest stumbling block for all electricity suppliers.

internal control

said that if the external environment is only limited business further, then the electricity supplier internal problems completely determines the fate of the enterprise, such as business strategy, technology and management level, one step wrong will be lost trayful.

under the new environment under the new e-commerce, how to re understand the electricity supplier, the right to meet every challenge will be the top priority.

traditional enterprises to follow the trend have entered

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