Pull WeChat around 58 go to the reconstruction of second hand business business at last

in the market after the merger, the 58 market business development finally have their own sense of rhythm, the investment quickly layout business is more and more widely, since the vertical specialization, but as classified information, one of the main business in the secondary market has not been given due attention, finally saw a new second-hand business product "around" in the recent on-line 58 go quietly, finally began to pay attention to mining secondary market potential.


secondary market is undervalued, has not been really developed, 58 market now wake up just in time

Classified information website

in foreign countries, second-hand business is generally second categories, and in 58 on the market of second-hand is third business after the recruitment, real estate, or even be pushed into fourth car business trends. Second-hand consumption is actually a kind of mature and rational consumption patterns, in some developed countries such as Sweden, every household is the sale of second-hand, second-hand transactions accounted for more than 10% in GDP, and in China, second-hand economy simply ignored, but with the gradual upgrading of consumer awareness, as well as the letter with the ultimate improvement, the secondary market the potential will burst one day.

if the domestic secondary market transactions can be accounted for 10% of GDP, that is 6 more than 1 trillion market size. Of course, the quality of the products of the surplus value of these developed countries such as Sweden was worth of second-hand transaction at the same time the people own consumption consciousness is more rational and practical, social system in the credit system is to ensure the credibility of the basis of secondary trading in Chinese, made in China, the quality of the product itself can not afford the second-hand transaction or question.

previously, under the O2O environment, the separation line is still the domestic secondary market line, 58 line market occupied most of the second-hand information, while the B2C type line of the secondary trading market did not attempt to Internet plus the sweetness. This is a very complex problem, in short, it is difficult to standardize the secondary products, quality is uneven, it is difficult to track the source of the product, the seller is not enough credibility. The problem is that many market opportunities, each can solve a problem, will be able to bring some incremental market.

Chinese market is absolutely large enough, not to say that 10% of the GDP, as long as the total social zero total of $1%, that is the size of about 250000000000. In fact, the second-hand information website in China is very active on the market, 58 second-hand users daily average of over 5 million, the amount of goods daily release of hundreds of thousands of scale. The secondary market has a very large market space is worth exploring, is difficult, however, for the 58 market this kind of classified information website, should pay attention to the secondary market, 58 market not to do, who can do


circle of friends to help turn: a new machine cheap transfer of friends, pulling the WeChat to do second-hand is necessary

out of the classified information website, many users may be in the circle of friends to see to help turn: a new friend of the machine transfer of low-cost such

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