Jingdong App want to fully open up WeChat can visit WeChat payment


] June 4th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Jingdong and WeChat recently accelerated the pace of integration, in addition to WeChat officially launched a day before the entrance, the Jingdong has opened WeChat in its mobile client login function, and hinted that followed the opening of WeChat payment.

it is reported that WeChat’s WeChat login function with its 618 special edition client synchronization on the line, the user can be linked to the original account and the original account of the Jingdong. Previously, the Jingdong supports the third party login including QQ, Sina, Alipay and micro-blog.


billion state power network learned before, shop No. 1, mogujie.com and other electricity providers have already opened WeChat login and WeChat payment. Currently, Jingdong has not yet opened in the mobile terminal WeChat payment, but its application in the update clearly hinted that this feature will soon be on the line. In fact, just on the line near the entrance of WeChat WeChat, all goods have been able to support the payment of.

in addition to WeChat to pay, Jingdong in the mobile payment side of the other hand is the online banking wallet. In March this year, Jingdong online banking wallet as well as the client at the same time debut, but currently only supports online banking wallet recharge, transfer, cash withdrawals and other basic financial functions, does not support shopping.

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