Regulation of online shopping violence without delay


the news headline "women’s online shopping to the assessment threatened: do not change the mobile phone number of customers", it seems that this title is very attractive, since 16 am now released to the media reprint has reached 55, while Baidu news in the electricity business sector to give its headlines.

said the news mentioned in the shop had been given Taobao customer service deducted 12 points penalty, specific penalties including giving shop shielding, restricted release goods, restricts the creation of shops, limit, limit the station sent a letter to community function and public warning for 7 days, 30 days limit to participate in Tmall marketing activities and twenty thousand yuan to pay liquidated damages.

this news from the title to see the suspicion of speculation, perhaps in order to print the curiosity of the Internet users, and from its high reprint rate can be seen, similar incidents have been widespread concern in the community. Shop because of poor assessment of the situation and not scare consumers together, let us pay particular attention to the event of the poor and the extension of the meaning behind it.

why online shopping violence endless

online shopping has become the mainstream of society, more and more businesses choose to operate online, more Internet users keen on online shopping, the number of online shopping market is proportional to the number of. Electronic business platform evaluation system is intended to promote more excellent shop stand out, but also facilitate the further promotion of network integrity. In fact, we have seen in recent years is increasing bad events and constantly become aggravated slander.

in recent years, there have been due to poor city melee events occurred because of bad day multiple telephone harassment, this time out of a mobile phone number is on our event, a pile of events makes us feel bad at the same time, is also considering how this event will emerge in an endless stream? What is the reasons for this phenomenon of


shop or consumer bad


event is caused by the consumer rights report, which involved the shop was denied, said it is a legitimate business to do, not harassing consumers and put forward to accuse consumers of libel, said that consumers in the lack of direct evidence for its online malicious slander.

the two sides kept their word, for this event is against consumers and consumers shop bad reviews, temporarily unable to define; Taobao customer service can be based on relevant technology of this incident is defined if each Sue can make nothing of it; and the court can determine the network cases within a short period of time is not known, because now there is no law according to regulations.

eliminate hidden dangers or activist?

in the face of bad events, the relevant departments will remind consumers rights, one is through the Taobao customer service charges business; two timely alarm, the public security departments filing and help solve, but there is no relevant laws and regulations on the conviction that the parallel.

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