Gome under the impact of electricity providers traditional retailers have no chance to fight back

original title: the United States twelve questions: the analysis of the 30 countries of the United States Secret

"combination of battle category how to fight?" "traditional retailers how to do business?" "the manager will not mess tube Maori?" "how to make each subdivision unit to produce their own creativity and innovation?" the clerk will become the future development of the retail industry barriers?"……

July 9th, Beijing, summer, Eagle three Kokusai Hotel conference room while the open air, the temperature seems to be higher than the road. On the transformation of torture, carried out for more than 5 hours. One side of the challenge, the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine led by the "business Mulan", the future star, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Share the experience and accept the challenge of the other side, is the wife of Wong Kwong Yu, President and President of Gome and other executives, Mr. Wang Junzhou.

as you know, retail, especially home appliance retail, is the highest index of subversion "industry, but since 2014, Gome Holdings Limited (493.HK) performance but contrarian growth, the first quarter net profit attributable to parent company increased 252.6%, to 268 million yuan; the net profit rate of 2% year-on-year. An increase of 1.4 percentage points, total sales revenue of RMB 13 billion 351 million, an increase of 8.2%. Over the same period, its old rival Suning, but still did not enjoy the transformation brought dividends. After the civil strife and foreign aggression challenges the United States seems to have found a rhythm, but observed in the longer distance, Gome and Suning, who is walking in the right way? Still is the most popular topic of concern.

this is also a time to raise the news experiment, all entrepreneurs are involved in the discussion of the author, we believe that their own problems can provide professional value.


manager is

with fire tube margin

Han Xiaohong: you (Wang Junzhou) mentioned to 2017 to "re create a United States," the goal, how can we achieve it? Why is it at such a point in time?

Wang Junzhou (Gome president): the goal is to the United States on the market competition needs, in this goal, our main category will remain ahead of the individual category is likely to rise. The advantage of the ground shop we will certainly exceed Suning, which is the bottom line we want to hold. Is expected to grow by 20% in just the same year, the United States and a recycling is the total size of the ground shop and online sales. Compound growth of 20% will be difficult to shop on the ground, electricity supplier growth may be more than 20%, in general, is such a degree.

Yu Yu: I heard that the United States manager must also manage the gross profit, I think this thing is messed up. The manager a tube of gross profit, how do you evaluate the line, and how to make cheap online and offline

in the end?

Wang Junzhou: manager of tube margin, means that every manager is no longer a performer, he is a manager. We used to store the sales task manager cannot profit, cost.

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