Only the scholar network can save students

The new

Chinese has been established for 60 years, oppression and exploitation of the phenomenon still exists, are becoming more and more serious. It is worthy of our students, this is a very sad situation, teacher apprentice is a revered occupation, but in the modern, but so many people ruined Tanliwangyi activities, students cheated, squeezed the example in the name of division title, meet the eye everywhere, for famous brand, the students never, after his money into the pockets of greed, but get a ridiculous promise, cry bitterly, but no one can help, it is perhaps the most students choose.

is the responsibility of the media are a lot after Chuaizhe training agencies sent money, have all gone. "Kanenori package, invalid refund", "unique cheats, three days clearance", "Tsinghua teacher, on-site guidance, and so on. The students walked almost in the maze, accidentally fall into traps, who can help them.

scholar network is a web site, it is behind a conscience, a student is not willing to be slaughtered and deceit and struggle hard, in order to let students choose to good teachers and institutions. In order to recommend outstanding teachers and institutions to students before, only to their own achievement and honor and certificate to show up, to be able to get the trust of the students, including teaching venues and students’ actual learning experience can really provide a good alternative to other students reference.

in addition, longer period of learning, a one-time payment mode is to let students fall into difficulties and danger factors, learning is a gradual process, the learning process is the process of consumption, but the cost of learning is to advance the teachers and training institutions, before any publicity and promise pay the moment has become very fragile, students how to ensure equivalent reliable knowledge and skills through safe method? I think no one can separate, must use the third party to regulate, and the third party payment is a one-time consumption based approach, and the longer training period consumption, disposable payment has exposed a lot of defects, so students in passive.

therefore, we have the courage to explore and design a way to pay for such new consumption patterns, namely step by step to confirm payment transactions, the payment method has applied for the invention patent, the site is also stepping up the development as soon as possible, to pay the new type safe mode, which can guarantee the students’ funds safety, can apply for termination of learning in the learning process, the consumer does not return the remaining part of the tuition fee, on the other hand can make the teacher or training institutions to ensure the quality of teaching, students can obtain the genuine goods at a fair price training courses, use this way to charge a course is to give students a better commitment, that is truly not satisfied with learning at any time, refund. This is the training and education industry boasted, blind assurance, hard wrangling conditions has been an important step to improve the standardization, both the government and the institutions themselves have the obligation and necessary to promote this way will promise "

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