Double 11 single day sales review over the past 5 years doubled by 700 times

Alibaba after the listing of the first double 11, is destined to be an extraordinary double 11, and this year, double the number of sales will be reached on the day of the nature is highly lively topic of the year 11. The day before, Tmall President Wang Yulei said, for sales this year, don’t predict the specific figures, but can be sure: "more than 35 billion yuan is certainly not a problem."

from 50 million yuan in 2009 to $35 billion in 2013, no matter who can not deny that the impact of the double electricity supplier industry to bring the 11, along with these figures, was left in the history of the electricity supplier.

2013: 35 billion yuan

time came in 2013, this year’s Tmall double 11 open grab only 10 minutes, the total turnover reached $1 billion 500 million, within 38 minutes to reach $5 billion, less than 6 hours, Tmall’s total turnover exceeded $10 billion. The 11 turnover of more than 2012 full year sales of 19 billion 100 million, only took up to 13 hours.


as of November 11th 24, Tmall total turnover reached $35 billion 18 million. In the platform, the seller’s sales have exceeded the historical record, millet mobile phone flagship store first break billion, to become the biggest dark horse, then, camel, cool open TV, Lin wood, Carolina textile and other 9 brands have single store sales exceeded one hundred million yuan.

2012: 19 billion 100 million yuan

according to statistics on the morning of November 12, 2012 show that this year, Tmall and Taobao’s 11 double total sales promotion of up to 19 billion 100 million, of which, Tmall, Taobao,, 5 billion 900 million.


a total of three stores throughout the day sales of more than $100 million: JACK&JONES flagship store, camel clothing flagship store, all friends home flagship store.

2011: 3 billion 400 million yuan

2011 11, Taobao joint promotional mall and, absorbed a total of 2000 brands in the old, a record 5 billion 200 million (Taobao 1 billion 840 million Tmall + 3 billion 360 million) record, including 497 millions, 3 40 million, 38 10 million.

, the Alipay Taobao mall all day long trading volume exceeded 3 billion 360 million in 2010 on the same day turnover of nearly 4 times more than the target of 3 billion yuan turnover all day long.

2010: 900 million yuan

2010 11, the name is also called the Taobao mall single day sales reached 936 million, more than 20 thousand yuan per transaction; 2 stores over 20 million; 11 stores over ten million; 20 stores in 5 million; a total of 181 stores over millions of Taobao grew up in the Amoy brand have a total turnover of billions of dollars, of which 28 millions of home. < >

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