Alibaba O2O made Festival dream earlier


last year, the 3.8 life festival, power consumption

: great in strength and impetus

last year, Alibaba invited popular Korean star Lee Min Ho, crazy propaganda, everywhere 3.8 life festival advertising, the advertising is mainly concentrated in the "restaurant" KTV 62% off ", singing 3.8 yuan, 3.8 yuan tickets, and retail to continue cooperation" and "phone exclusive price" this several parts. The fourth part is "O2O", the fifth part is pushing mobile terminal entrance O2O, Alibaba’s important products of Tmall, Taobao, the acquisition of high moral map and soon across the board to participate in.


was responsible for Taobao mobile phone market on the day of March 8th soul media said: "we want to define 38 day", said Alibaba coo Zhang Yong: "I hope to create a double life consumption 11". "Ma please titles such as the National People’s idle away in seeking pleasure".

and what are the results? It should be said is not ideal, the same day, Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact, the sad news attracted all the people’s attention, the 3.8 life festival related topics scanty, Alibaba rally has long hoped that the festival was cold and reconstruction, is the Alibaba "Festival" a heavy blow, feels like the work not completed. But even if there is no Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact with this thing (I really hope not), I think the 3.8 life festival is far from reaching the double 11 as fiery degree. In 3.8, Taobao has a strong push on the code Amoy, urged the O2O consumption ecology, but the result is still a small talk, Alibaba myself busy, but not many consumers really down to earth.

this year, buy on March 8th Code: Strategic contraction, return shopping

compared to last year’s 3.8 Life Festival this year, the Alibaba can be said to be no strategic contraction, last year’s star endorsement and line under the platform, not the last year as the omnipresent advertising, not like last year, covering a wide range of restaurants, cinemas, shopping center KTV of the typical line consumer scenarios, but mainly concentrated in the "the code", and no panic buying last year, Taobao Tmall, Juhuasuan, High German map and other products together to promote "3.8 Life Festival" series of products in the huge momentum, only the Amoy little hanging "theme logo 3.8 life festival, but from last year’s logo is not the same, apparently did not last year but more is the continuation of this product line Amoy own holiday marketing.

The effect of

this year, from external observation, can use "sigh" to describe the afternoon of March 8th, Taobao officially listed a bunch of data "in the 9:00 activities began after 10 minutes, there are 380 thousand users to participate, they swept away 10 first-tier cities large supermarket sales volume of a day. In 30 minutes, a total of 540 thousand people swept away the volume of paper towels, 40 thousand bottles of detergent, milk and boxes of 300 thousand 3>

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