Seven tips for managing Taobao

according to my own experience and some of my friends in the actual combat, summed up the following seven tips: (if there is something wrong, please correct me)

1 if your shop is just opened, so we started from the familiar friends and classmates start to their propaganda, here to shop for example, now around the classmates and friends of Lining, Anta, PEAK shoes demand is large, and there is genuine, the price advantage of online, as long as quality assurance and thoughtful service (including customer service), they will buy it. We do a good job, they will help me publicity, I now also accumulated a number of customers, which is a good condition to open the market.

2 because it is just opened, we want to carry out promotional activities, such as the package, and how much we consume to send socks or other gifts or coupons, etc., in order to promote.

3 is through the forum, QQ group (in fact, we are very disgusted, but can be properly used) post publicity.

4 customers to introduce other customers come over to us to give him the next time to buy goods preferential treatment, which is also a very good channel to increase customers.

5 every other period of time to buy or spike activity to return consumers.

6 do a good job in the training of customer service staff, mainly service attitude.

7 must do a good job, a lot of people to buy products on the customer’s attitude has changed. This leads to the loss of customers, as long as the customer has a problem, we should answer for us not to mind taking the trouble, neglect to contact customers to help them solve the problem.

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