The United States online can boil Wong Kwong Yu back to the day

[Abstract] this year, Gome has been in the state of error correction. At the end of last year, Gome online and finally off Kuba, ended two business platform wonderful history; the first half of this year to create O2M full channel retailer "; and recently in build 8.3 men’s day, increase the degree of concern. All the signs indicate that the United States, this is the real thing in business.


since Chen Xiao event, the United States in setting the basic state, how to ensure that the existing mechanism of channel maximum benefit is the focus of the work of the group of the United states.

therefore, when rival Suning and Gome facing the coming of the Internet to take different measures, Suning is active to create the revolution, and Su Ningyun’s group changed its name to Ming, while the United States will strive to do the next line, leaving Wong Kwong Yu to guard the good Jiangshan, although the middle of Kuba, online said the United States to enter the electricity business best, but is always thunder, little rain. Recently, Wong Kwong Yu also held an internal meeting, to really make full efforts to enter the electricity supplier, the United States online and began the 8.3 men’s day, overwhelming advertising.

the beginning of this year, Gome has been in error state at the end of last year, Gome online and finally out of Kuba, double end business platform wonderful history. In the first half of this year and strive to build O2M full channel retailers, the current online and offline background convergence work has been completed, the full channel model has been opened up. Gome online from the office of Zhongguancun tophere moved its headquarters to the Eagle building office, in order to strengthen the management and control headquarters. Recently in the 8.3 men’s day, increasing attention. All the signs indicate that the United States, this is the real thing in business. Gome really can rely on a series of actions to return to their peak moment?

tactically, exclusive price war with Gome online take full play is not the same category. The United States by virtue of the advantages of traditional channels, digital home appliances business relationship with fairly close, there is a certain advantage in the product category and the cooperation of price, so take a month to come up with hundreds of other online monthly single product to be big promotion, product exclusive set up barriers to competition in order to win customers. It is with’s big business platform price war is not a kind of style, compared to more cost-effective. In addition, the United States to rely on the United States and the United States for many years to operate the line shop resources to create a super logistics speed system, and play a day Sanda concept. From the product and service to win the favor of consumers to recover lost ground.

but on the current situation in the United States, if you want to really achieve a great revival is not just rely on these two strokes can be.

Gome online has missed the best time of the era of electricity supplier Pc, but also missed the mobile internet. The era of the Pc flow is king, the price has certain advantages, complete category of goods, logistics awesome can be regarded as a basic platform, entrance and mobile Internet is required to have a better mobile terminal, or mobile phone or AP> station entrance

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