The news of glutinous rice and handle mergers and acquisitions has grounded both sides closeted each

Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) in F group and high friend after the merger, the industry generally believe that the group purchase industry will continue to integrate, and did not want to trade two degrees of mergers and acquisitions has been traced to temporarily stranded. According to informed sources, ranked the top ten rice network group purchase and handle network due to the valuation of mergers and acquisitions and equity allocation negotiations failed, however, the industry is concerned, handle network in Anhui province regional land collective team switched to glutinous rice nets, the industry believes that mergers and acquisitions or disguised incorporation.

"as early as the end of glutinous rice nets began to talk about the merger with the handle network," rice network CEO Shen Boyang revealed to the media, but because of differences in the proportion of shares, the deal has yet to clinch a deal. According to the group 800 latest data show that sticky rice and handle net turnover in March of this year were $267 million and $245 million, respectively, ranked the industry’s fourth, five.

in fact, sticky rice and handle network have made it clear that they have the meaning of mergers and acquisitions. Last year, the company’s chairman of the parent company glutinous rice and CEO Chen Yizhou bluntly glutinous rice network does not rule out the possibility of large-scale mergers and acquisitions in the industry to buy the site.

and in mid February this year, the net investor Zhu Xiaohu Jinsha River venture capital also revealed to the media, handle network or other mergers and acquisitions website. For this acquisition, who received on both sides who each one sticks to his argument. But from the financial strength and future development potential, glutinous rice seems to be more likely to become acquirers. And it is certain that the sticky rice is the site of the site and talent network, which is also vice president sun Heidi to Beijing Daily reporter stressed. After all, the industry in the top five, the number of rice web site at least.

however, the Beijing Business Daily reporter was informed yesterday, more than 80 employees did not wait for the merger of the two sides to stop the merger and acquisition, it has joined the team of glutinous rice network. According to the current rice network says it has incorporated in 14 in the city of Anhui city manager and district manager, in this regard, Shen Boyang said, "with the continuous loss of talent to handle network, its value has been reduced". It can be seen that the interest in the handle network is getting smaller and smaller. It is understood that the Anhui team has been in the hands of the secret contact with the original network shop businesses, and have to re sign with them, while the handle network was frozen to the end of the sale of these businesses to deal with the way the tail.


, handle network insiders told Beijing Daily reporter tells the story of another version, "actually switched to the sticky web of staff is not so many rumors, these employees before walking in the background to extend the business borrowing date, which makes the merchant is not satisfied, to appease these businesses, the leaders also handle network have a trip to Anhui".

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