Behind the prosperity of the electricity supplier is difficult to maintain the operation of the road

e-commerce development in recent years is very fast, it should be said that this is a leap in the development of the Internet in china. So many businesses see the prospects for doing e-commerce. So a variety of online shopping network pull up. The other is not to say the 2010 group purchase market unpopular, less than a year’s time the more than 5 thousand group purchase network turned out. For example, known as the United States Mission network, handle network, 24 coupons, group treasure network and so on, of course, there are relatively large, such as the major portals have their own network. After a year later, a lot of buy network layoffs have emerged, a lot of small groups have closed down the network. Became a veritable zombie regiment. So why is this? I read some articles "bubble spread downstream navigation network group purchase market" and "small mass layoffs was traced to the winter group purchase on the A5 website today: sent to the pole posted small ads" can be said that now the road has been in operation group purchase difficult continuation.

appeared in this case the show that there are 3 main reasons:

first, buy the market is not mature, some people may think I say this unreasonable. In fact, you think, buy the market from entering China to now less than 2 years of time. Buy a lot of consumption patterns can not be accepted. Some people would say, then this is not the same with Taobao, in fact, is very different from the model. Taobao is the market, the use of the power of the masses, the occupation of online shopping 70-80% traffic. And Taobao operations for many years, regardless of popularity or trust, we are accustomed to Taobao. Of course, before the group was fired very fire, but also to buy a market fire. But there is no certain inside the group is difficult to survive in the competition.

second, buy business strength disparity, buy mainly to attract users at low prices. This is a small group buying network is very unfavorable, not only to take into account the site also has a line under the. This is not the most important. Many buy network due to the lack of promotion budget can not be launched to promote the overall cost, so it can not guarantee the flow, not to talk about the effective flow.

third, buy network bubble serious, buy market chaos. Whether or not it will be crowded inside, to say how dead do not know. Of course, there are other reasons, here not elaborate. From the hot market to buy into the winter can radiate to China’s abnormal development of e-commerce.

is famous in the B2C mall in October where the customer Eslite news, submitted the prospectus manual fourth quarter U.S. IPO. On the surface should be a manifestation of the strength of the company. On the one hand, it also reflects another way of corporate finance. Another industry analysis, where customers eager to market,

or because e-commerce will usher in the winter. Big B2C mall has shown a strong sense of crisis, not to mention the small site mall

?At present,

business is still booming, people still is not gold, it reminds me of Qian Zhongshu to write "