Won the first prize of free music as mall business model innovation B2C award


recently, the first international business innovation award award (ECI Awards) – free in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park held the "international business innovation forum and IKey awards ceremony, LETV mall from the global more than 500 entries won the first prize of" talent shows itself, free business model innovation B2C "award.

as the top event of the electricity supplier industry, the final deadline for closing IKey prize events, the number of cases reached more than 500 pieces, covering 7 categories and 27 sub categories, swept the corporate brand and well-known business platform, the electricity supplier, covering the whole industry chain. There are 5% cases from North America, 11% from South Korea, 18% from Taiwan, and 4% from Hongkong.

in the past year and a half, as the music as the core of the super TV sales channels, as the mall, completed more than 1 million 500 thousand of the entire super TV sales of more than 60%. And in 2015, as the mall will not only sell super TV, there will be a super smart phone terminals, as well as super car.

it is understood that in 2015 as the mall’s primary goal is to build the world’s first eco electricity supplier. There are three characteristics, first, to serve the ecological users; second, sales of products are products of music as ecology; the third is based on the ecological electricity supplier, based on the contents of the scene and multi terminal entrance experience.

music as intelligent terminal business group vice president Zhao Yicheng said, "as the music store to LETV ecological electricity supplier, in addition to the sale of hardware, the core is to complete all aspects of music as ecological products through the development in the next three years. The future is not only loaded with super TV, but a series of music as ecological products."

In order to adapt to the development of

and better meet the needs of users, LETV also launched LePar super partner program, through the innovative O2O+C2B+ all the chips multidimensional one mode of cooperation, make full use of music as ecological resources, together with the super partner to join the LePar project, common Nuggets big screen Internet market.

music as the main market is currently covered by the depth of Internet users, while LePar will cover more broad non depth Internet users. In the LePar service area, LETV mall also will continue to bring LePar customers by LePar to provide users with Follow-Up Services, become the music as the mall service extension line download, through the music store and the LePar can achieve close integration of online and offline, form a strong chemical reaction.