Alibaba CEO said the U S market will be more mergers and acquisitions priority

Tencent Francisco (Yue Tong) Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe in Hongkong today, Bloomberg News reporter in shad · (Rishaad Salamat); salamat said in an interview, the Alibaba will first consider the United States market, and plans to implement more mergers and acquisitions.

Alibaba is currently owned by billionaire George · part of the equity held by the Chinese e-commerce company in. Alibaba’s net profit rose 46% in the first quarter of this year due to a rebound in Chinese exports, which spurred more products to be traded on the site. Wei Zhe also said that Alibaba will acquire more U.S. companies, in order to expand its overseas business.

"The U.S. market will remain the top priority of our investments,"

told reporters today." Wei Zhe said that in terms of the number of users, Alibaba will be regarded as the United States is the largest market in china.

so far, WAL-MART stores and Procter & Gamble, etc., are using Alibaba website to buy goods. Alibaba opened this year for the United States market e-commerce sites. Last month, Alibaba completed its first acquisition in the u.s.. Wei Zhe said that Alibaba will not strive to compete directly with Amazon and EBay and other rivals. He just said: we just go to the U.S. market to help EBay and Amazon to raise profits. So far, we don’t have the ambition to serve American consumers."

last month, Alibaba acquired Vendio in California, United States, in order to further enhance the operational capabilities of its global e-commerce platform, and strive to improve its overseas operations. In this regard, Wei Zhe said that the M & A transactions will be part of its $100 million investment in the AliExpress (fast selling) site plan. Speed through the Department of Alibaba website launched by eBay cooperation, mainly for the United States online retailers.

second quarter results:

Alibaba announced yesterday, because Chinese export recovery boosted its website product volume growth, the second quarter of this year net profit growth of 46%, reaching 363 million yuan ($53 million 600 thousand), more than 5 analysts Peng Bo News survey average expected 298 million 800 thousand yuan.

in today’s Hongkong stock market trading, Alibaba shares rose 1.8% to close at HK $15.74. This year, Alibaba’s share price has fallen by 13%, while the Hang Seng Index fell during the period was 2.6%.