Do you really think that looking for an acre of rice is a pig on the air

began at the end of last year, steel mesh, an acre of land and other fast-growing "B2B class" business platform because have a huge trading volume brings precipitation funds on the imagination, gradually began to draw the attention of investors and entrepreneurs for this type of project.

This kind of

B2B common business platform is to solve the problem of information flow, but the traditional industry trade in a transaction completed at least 3 flow: information flow, capital flow, logistics, information flow when only solve problems, can be transformed into a transaction in every industry accounted for a very large difference. The flow of funds in particular is the lifeblood of traditional enterprise businesses, the account is also relatively large differences in the 80% Beijing senior restaurant ingredients procurement will be 1 months to account, in the downstream agricultural distribution very common credit account period and mature period of crop, the builders purchase early second settlement rather than.

similarly, the effect of different subsidies in the amount of leverage in each industry is also different, a small amount of subsidies in agriculture, the amount of the transaction can be done 100 million, iron and steel subsidy logistics can also attract transactions. Of course, this subsidy brings order is not a single brush, brush single refers to online transactions, the warehouse receipts, bank remittance etc. to the platform to go again. B2B platform are also learning O2O who, with crazy subsidies to drive the amount of transactions to to VC, but VC said they do not fly O2O side, while also willing to pay for the same through the B2B needs to enlarge the subsidy……

however, it is difficult to identify what is a single brush, subsidies, real orders. May determine the way is a good structure, input and output of each link of the corresponding rational industries and different types of merchant transaction details, and to judge the platform level of demand, according to the demand degree and speed of market share to make a reasonable valuation of the platform, rather than according to the transaction amount to valuation.

see a lot of looking for XX network PR, will find some problems seems to be very important: is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market intermediaries? There are several levels, respectively, increase how much? Lower concentration? SKU number?…… There are two sides to everything, and there are many challenges behind the answers we expect. Agricultural trade chain as an example to illustrate these issues.


1 buyer seller problem

most of China’s manufacturing capacity surplus phenomenon is more serious, it seems that the majority of the industry for the buyer’s market. Further, the quality of the brand is a seller’s market, which is the agricultural platform almost can not see the main reason for STANLEY, Jin Zhengda and other brands of fertilizer.

2 reseller problem


in traditional industry is mainly to establish their own sales channels and establish self dealer channel branch, through two ways, the purpose is to end consumers closer to her with lower cost to. For example: < > Agricultural channel