Successful network marketing can not be separated from the two words

traditional marketing to expand into the network in less than ten years, but now it can be said that no one touches the marketing and no one does not want to use. Now the type of network marketing can easily out of a dozen, but also constantly emerging new marketing tools. When we see so many ways to promote, and each has a successful case, have been some people sought after, such a situation, you will not feel confused?

maybe you think you do not, then you choose what marketing means – e-mail marketing, blog marketing, online video marketing, forum marketing, search engine bidding, etc.. After investigation, it is found that there are a lot of people on the Internet marketing has a sense of authenticity, there are different people in different areas of reactive power and the contrary, there are people in the same field nothing. Why is there such a phenomenon? Others success and their own gray face and return, so it is possible to exclude the wrong means of choice, which is why?

there is no absolute good marketing, there is no absolute not available, all sorts of occupations, adventure.has. We use the marketing means yes, if we say that the wrong, most likely is our speculation, because no one can touch a through marketing activities can obtain satisfactory results, it need popularity, we need more people to participate in, it cannot do without speculation, and speculation cannot do without the following two words:

, a potential, potential is mainly divided into two types: an occasion and campaign.

1, to

. To, Baidu news, Phoenix information and other major news sites to find some hot topic, for example such as the 26 day all the biggest scandal 100 meters champion female doping test positive, Iraq explosion killed 147 people and damaged the Embassy China headlines. When you see this news, everyone will have a further understanding of the details of the idea, so that we can choose the relevant marketing strategies in these topics.


2 campaign, regardless of the use of what kind of marketing, must first think enough people to participate, it cannot do without the "potential", but not every day will appear we will concern, even if there is not a society which topics for your request, so many times we need do it yourself, as can be the first through the large website, the traditional media play of activities, gather more people’s eyes. But must pay attention to the media groups are consistent with the browsing you need, if you are facing is the enterprise or the purchaser, you can go to the business classification network brand, because the 66 network is the official website of domestic enterprises.

two, lure, lure is also the main material and spiritual aspects.

1, substance. We all know that most people have a great deal of interest in what they don’t get. In this way, we can attract more people to participate in a number of money or beautiful gifts, so that the popularity of the campaign to stir up. In the delivery of things, we can also add some means, such as products related to their own products, plus >