Gome online integration Kuba investment into labor division

with the United States online Kuba integration curtain open, "illegal layoffs, to become the company’s Kuba" keywords. What happened in the United States online in the past few months? These problems can be avoided? Transformation for the POP platform (to attract third party merchants settled open platform) the future can find a slim chance of survival Kuba


cuts for secure profits this year

One of the

left for Chen Xiao’s legacy, Bowser’s fate has been lingering in the minds of the United States management problem. Tasteless gesture.

in the Chen Xiao administration the United States period, as soon as possible in order to keep up with the pace of the trend of the electricity supplier, the United States spent 48 million acquisition of 80% stake in Cuba. After the acquisition has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to support, but Bowser’s performance is not satisfactory, only in 2011 the amount of the loss amounted to 194 million yuan.

Chen Xiao left the United States, the United States and the new management of the United States and the development of the United States online shopping mall, which has a strong sense of Gome brand new business platform. The fate of a mystery to kuba.

December 3rd, Gome Group officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, integration, Gome online mall will be officially renamed "Gome online", focus on B2C business, is to become an independent brand Kuba class integrated business platform.

then do to appease the Kuba team of a condition is "in the organization, financial and publicity and other aspects still remain relatively independent, but this arrangement with Gome released three year strategic plan and change.

held in December 25th the United States Strategy Conference, Gome President Wang Junzhou repeatedly stressed that the United States must build a profitable e-commerce platform, strive to achieve profitability in 2013, profit has no value for enterprises and investors.

said an insider, after adjustment of Kuba now has been basically equivalent to the United States online "investment division, responsible for the work of merchants settled in small and medium-sized businesses. In the past, the cost of computing is the two statements of the two companies, has now merged into one. Kuba marketing work also must be made by the company unified marketing center support, only the equivalent of the United States online Kuba has a department."

No one leave

executives KubaPeng Liang, vice president of

marketing in the United States, said in an interview with sina science and technology, said the merger of the two companies, part of the post is bound to appear redundant. This part has a few to triage personnel, is transferred to the group two is to go to the United States; the line of stores; most of the people are the third directions: the total number of layoffs affected in hundreds of people.

According to

reported that the United States will cut years after executives reported, Peng Liang said that after the merger of two companies above director level without a Kuba leave, no one has been laid off, managers are rarely affected.

he said, including

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