500 thousand sets of GREE grab burst gate lift Gome online Guangdong air conditioning panic buying t

in March 27 to 29, the United States online and offline synchronization, together with GREE, Midea, Hisense and other big open hot "crowd pleasing grab air conditioning" big promotion, large one fixed frequency inverter air conditioner price 1899 yuan, 800 yuan straight down 1.5 horses; a fixed frequency air conditioner price 1599 yuan. At the same time, 2000 of the whole set of less than $100 back to cash coupons, single full reduction superimposed cash coupon double discount, so that air conditioning prices back to 6 years ago. It is interesting to note that GREE to join the United States and the United States and more than 1 thousand and 600 stores nationwide online impact 3 days to sell the world’s record of 500 thousand sets of air conditioning, the overall decline of up to 20%, and then lift the industry to buy air conditioning tide!

500 thousand GREE storm grab line under the impact of the new record gate

March 27th 0, Gome online and offline synchronization across the board opened the "500 thousand sets of GREE air conditioning exclusive grab huge benefit activities. The activities of the 500 thousand sets of GREE air conditioning as a whole dropped by up to 20%. Among them, GREE a fixed frequency air-conditioning, the original price 2599 yuan, panic buying price of 1899 yuan, straight down 700 yuan; GREE 1.5 air-conditioning a panic buying price, only 2299 yuan; 2 Guiji panic buying price of 3899 yuan, straight down thousands of horses; 3 fixed frequency Guiji is also reduced to 4899 yuan, breakdown upset the whole network.

"in just the end of the 315 big promotion, Gome online network transaction volume grew 320%, GREE air-conditioning has become the most popular brand. As the only one to reach a depth of cooperation with GREE electricity supplier companies, the United States can enjoy online direct supply and production lines, such as the direct treatment of warehousing." Huang Xiangping, vice president of the United States online, said, based on large data analysis, coupled with GREE’s efforts to promote the promotion of the United States online and offline have confidence to create a new world record."

big air conditioning low back air conditioning Guangdong sounding the war

the crowd pleasing grab air "activities, in addition to GREE, Midea, Hisense, Haier and other big air conditioning will be full price in the end, for the majority of users to send a refreshing summer. 1, 1.5 horses and 2 horses, 3 air-conditioning offers area open, 1.5 air conditioners, a real price price of fixed frequency inverter air conditioner. The beauty of a large hanging type air conditioning price 2499 yuan, activity price of only 1899 yuan, straight down 600 yuan; 1.5 horse hanging type air conditioner was 1899, the price dropped to 1599 yuan a price activity. All the big air conditioning all profits to the low price, discount real


in the "crowd pleasing grab air conditioning" theme to promote the gate of the explosion grab, Guangdong is hot in the area of special air conditioning also sounded panic buying war. A Electrolux joint venture big air-conditioning 1399 yuan, AUX 1.5 horse mounted fixed frequency air conditioner 1899 yuan value huge benefit to detonate Guangdong. It is understood that the United States online in the consolidation of the Beijing camp at the same time, rely on the 28 line foundation, this year the focus of the layout of Southern China, through the free collar, 1 billion cash coupon million cups of tea free delivery, 1000 appliance free grab a series of Huimin measures to lift Guangdong preferential storm.

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