Royal Anber ten years of network marketing experience to do micro business year revenue of 600 thou

Taking the

micro circle of friends from what to sell, to what people can do business with micro business, micro micro business has been all over the world as well as students, housewives, airline stewardess, is also filled with a brand without security products, the Royal Anber amber derivative story tells us that the derivative of chaos it hides another batch of successful stories, these success stories will become the future of micro business.

circle of friends a year to establish a sense of trust in the user of the product

micro business initially appeared in people’s vision, and online shopping started without any difference, with a variety of "network" virtual sex occupy the leading position, and seek illegitimate interests. We look back, has been successful in the online shopping mode, no established brand, team and marketing in one mode of operation, it can be said that in addition to not touch the real, online shopping has become another kind of diversification, show the product to the user mode, and the success of the business, in addition to the use of Taobao SEO rules etc. the main operation factors of nature, or "product quality and reputation", after all, you first need to establish the trust of users of the products.

how to build the Royal Anber founder, said Beijing, I have ten years of experience in network marketing, network providers to do the first thing is to solve the problem is to play in the user circle of trust.

By taking the

micro one or two years of popularity, advertising phenomenon has let users deeply skeptical, stockpile proxy mode. CCTV on micro business marketing exposure, and brings users great derivative negative information, integrated by micro – Taking the first step must be to come up with one or two years of effort, to export the tablet and the user trust in the circle of friends, the micro District in degree, that is, created a batch of true the seeds of the user.

micro business development circle of friends a year to the standardization, branding

The whole face of

derivative trend: derivative chaos strikes, multicolor was precipitated in the user out of the system, which will lead to the micro business standardization, branding trend.

so each micro business entrepreneurs earn a penny if the name of the idea, can play, regardless of the lower limit of fishing skills, first derivative of gold; but want to do micro business friends longer, not in front of little interest, only the future development of a successful brand, to do the regular route.

flagship mobile providers have a lot of how to set up a mobile electricity supplier team is the focus of

do micro business, focusing on the mobile electricity supplier entrepreneurs more and more, since we have established a brand, the standardization of micro electricity supplier of the road, the next need to grasp is: how to set up.

first, the formation of an excellent mobile electricity supplier team. Including copywriting, customer service has been operating decisions, the soul of a team, often determines the development of a business, a brand can be far-reaching, long-term.

Royal Anber current revenue has reached an average monthly revenue of 600 thousand, >

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