Wangzhuan success to start from the understanding of the search engine start function

now lives so much pressure, prices also rose, CPI high, many people are looking for some extra money subsidies on the network’s own home, so many people are flocking to the higher the industry, but by how much money Wangzhuan success but not necessarily, in accordance with the 28 principles, only 20% people can make money, but 80% of people can only become onlookers, actually want to become the 20% winner, is very simple, to take into account the search engine on the line, because the search engine can provide us a lot of help, here to introduce the


A: can solve a lot of problems and difficulties

when you are in difficulties and problems in the process of Wangzhuan, may wish to search engine search, most of your problems, others are met and have a perfect solution, for example, I want to make money through the web site, in this part of the site, there are a lot of problems also a smattering of, let me pondering for a long time. Like the CMS system, then there is a problem in the search engine to find one, ah, soon have a solution, but also let me website speed to improve a lot, then my website really let me make money here, of course I to the search engine more respected, so in the site, but also in some Wangzhuan, some people do not know Wangzhuan is true, will not lie, we in the search engine The above engine for, basically can determine which items are deceptive too, now a lot of typing is Wangzhuan liar! This through the search engine is very easy to determine the


two: through the search engine to learn a lot of advanced technology

we search the site by keywords, we can look at the structure of the row in front of the pages of the web page, the design is worthy of our reference, through the search engine to find good information when we can find the original author of the real, to communicate with them, let your thoughts become more advanced, in fact, do Wangzhuan, often is a step ahead of the problem, if you become the first person to eat crab so you may be able to earn a lot of money, or follow other people’s footsteps, want to earn a lot of money that is impossible, only is enough to lick others

odds and ends of a meal!

three: be able to analyze the profitability of the site and mode

now do Wangzhuan do good, basically have their own websites, then analyze their website profit pattern and ability is very important, where search engines often can bring us the direction of the analysis, we search for a keyword on Google, on the right side of the page will have to spend money to buy bidding advertising, the advertising auction if carrying out a long time, the project is to make money, then we can copy these keywords to optimize for SEO, to find their own profit point


four: able to learn

in Wangzhuan world which is usually in class >