How to quickly promote the mall website goods

mall now more and more sites, more and more easily, but the site is easy, difficult to promote, as long as you find the promotion of the method, it is easy. Here to introduce the following several promotion methods.

, established in the mall site must be clear positioning of their target users, the domain name selection is one of the important factors of SEO, the domain name is better, shorter, followed by the stability of the space, not to buy cheap junk space, resulting in spatial instability, and lead to the loss of customers, this is very important there, well, write your keywords and title, this is the first from the SEO.

two, we built the mall, the picture uploaded a good product, you can add some articles. For example, you are doing cosmetics, you can add some skin care knowledge, some shopping mall process, which is very important to the customer experience,

three, we can submit the site to the major search engines, and let these search engines included, the largest flow is Baidu, and now soso traffic is also good. If you want to quickly included, you can find some similar stations do links, updated daily merchandise and store information, general search engines are like new things.

four, that is, you can use the soft Wen promotion, soft Wen must write about our mall website content of the product, and then sent to the major related forums. This will bring a lot of traffic, you can also use the mall to cooperate with each other to promote, for example, you are cosmetics, people are women’s clothing, you can put your goods and women’s Mall merchandise mutual agent. This method is very good for us to sell the goods.

The last point is the

service, if a customer comes to your website, is not to buy your goods, you must try all means to keep him and keep his method have more, you can build a forum, a QQ group, we exchange a knowledge of this your customers now do not buy your goods, but there is no guarantee he will not buy your goods,

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