Why a lot of people out of 90% of the force but get only 10% of the interests of marketing thinking

Mao Dun

"Muslim funeral" in Han Ziqi from the master to learn to do jade craft, a few hundred jade to the jade dealer can sell tens of thousands of large…… Han Ziqi refused to accept from the jade craftsmen into a jade dealer.

in the world of new media marketing, skills are the foundation, and marketing thinking to allow you to get those 90% should belong to your advantage.

first, you need to have the skills, ability of jade no skill but it certainly needs to distinguish jade, in the ability to have the skills or have recognition skills based on the marketing thinking what you need


who was one among them, for the next

there’s a formula that we don’t remember,



the reason is very simple, if you move a little bit every day, you will get unimaginable achievement, and if every day you improvise, every time a little bit worse, the final outcome will be very miserable.

in the life of this philosophy, in our marketing thinking is also very reasonable.

organized an activity, if you have a handle, a casual, just the attitude of a superior index, the effect of natural "activities you are not fit to be seen", because even if you carefully accounting for each program, do the planning and preparation of more carefully for each program activities. You may not be successful. This does not mean that you do not have to seriously prepare, on the contrary, you must carefully plan each small activities, in order to succeed or fail to learn from your own experience and lessons.

looks at all the new things with a return to zero

the day you became the industry respected figures in the industry such as medium and small coffee, you will not fall in love with the little finger, but forget their own


time to maintain a zero state, contact with the latest things, the hottest topic, the latest marketing skills……

products are more important, people pay attention to the depth and breadth, so this "new" is not just a great breadth? The "new things" to the development of the depth of the product is absolutely a icing on the cake, to the development of breadth is often added after the additional function of your products do good enough, not the main profit point do not use main energy to develop, unless you are going to move to a new product areas.

empathy can make your marketing thinking to a higher level

is not equal to empathy for others to think, but from the multi angle, you have the user needs to master data, to test the corresponding likelihood, to determine "what users really need", not to your own identity on the user’s point of view, to simple thinking at this time it is not what you need. No, it is not comprehensive enough, what is not sufficient to represent the entire market users really need "".

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