Chain SEO taboo search engine

      what is death?

      path address chain is the server has changed or not exist. Unable to find the current location.  

      the death of harm to the site?

      after the user clicks on a link, that address is not open, if there are many such links on your site, the user experience is very bad, the user will have trouble to death, if there are a lot of links on your site, often allow users to generate the trouble, then you are likely to lose a loyal user. The search engine’s attitude is people-oriented, allowing users to generate annoying things, search engines will have the same trouble, and let the search engine trouble consequences may be right down, in serious cases, direct K station, so we must seriously death this thing.

      today in stationmaster net webmaster tools in a hair tool: "bad link detection, can help you quickly find out the page in the chain.  

      search results:



      never checked the webmaster, quickly: "bad link detection check your site, don’t let the chain effect site

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