Discussion on tourism website promotion of tourism website also can leave the search engine

in recent years, all kinds of sites like the pouring of manure Zhuang married, like the thunder of the potential of the ear on the network out. At the same time, along with the SEO optimization of this emerging career out, when the site and SEO optimization are more up, you can count on search engines?

when the Internet suddenly discovered a "door" event, what the man on the red, but the average person who thought the site was known to all Internet users, a little taste of the brand website. The tourism website can not expect to lead a popular event has a brand effect. The promotion of tourism website is relatively small.

travel website promotion is divided into two categories of online promotion, is to promote the network on the 1.

2 lines under the promotion of the tourism website in the form of commodity marketing.

on the network, the general class of tourism websites most from search engine search over, and this is, I do not want to talk about, for example, Chongqing tourism network, www.seecq.com. I don’t want to do this keywords tourism in Chongqing, I have a very cold production station, and put it into a search the word brand index. Of course, this is a long process, and it is very difficult, but the effect is proportional to.

you want to travel to the site, make a brand stand, you have to let your site has a certain reputation, is known.

started your website visibility, effective way I think, in some famous site, be on the site, and visitors have some assurance that this way is likely to spend money, if you have other sites, can also be used to cross advertising the way.

Travel website

few people took it with page, the proportion of tourism website can keep visitors rarely, and like some of your photography, but can keep visitors, but also to gather popularity, hiking, photography in the two section, pay attention to quality, is the main picture to update some. No matter what your travel site is ready to do a special topic, we want to open these two sections, because it is a means.

soft, the chain. This way it seems that SEOER are like to use, the chain is not to remember too much advertising, it will make people tired, the quality of the soft is very important, to find some of the more well-known sites sent up.

picture, best picture and some well-known site cooperation, there are many websites daemon plus watermark function, in the picture on the website you add watermark, do not underestimate these pictures, search engine search will let your station have a certain visibility, and can stand on the picture, but the picture will be reproduced is a way to do after all pictures than the soft, high quality of soft wen you have to ask how many writers


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