Network promotion 14 essence program

network promotion should always keep an idea: find the promotion platform, released to promote the promotion of information – Information – add view registration, message information, maintenance information (add, modify, delete, update), looking for promotion platform, is a long-term continuous cycle process.

a website, there is no a good promotion program is not good, the site’s promotion program is varied, for the training industry website, I personally think, promotion program has the following:

1, the price of promotion:

Is essential for

— do have price ads on Google, Baidu, YAHOO, Skynet, search, search, Sogou, 3721, MSN, advertising related to the key problems in Baidu, as for the choice of keywords, can inquire into Baidu first, often with those keywords, and audit and to test these keywords, information about the users input and the selected keywords and consistent, to modify and replace long-term on these keywords, in order to achieve the effect of search engine. Key words of the title and content according to its festival, to update and optimize!

1 keyword selection;

2 Title Description;

Introduction to

3 content;

what is the key words, title, and content? I’ll give you a demonstration!

we are mainly for some of the choice of keywords in two blocks, mainly the two blocks of mold and circuit board! Of course, we will be in the next year for the adult college entrance examination this a promotion! Everyone in some search engines (Google, Baidu, YAHOO, Skynet, search, search, Sogou, 3721. MSN) tools, please look at the key words on this aspect, I hope to provide some good words, I will put it in Baidu inside in the first time


2, professional training site proxy enrollment:

– can be signed with a number of professional training website recruitment agency agreement. On the one hand, we can make the training website for our school to recruit more students, on the other hand, can promote the school brand, improve the site’s visit.

currently has some training enrollment website, we can refer to: lead the way network, 360, 365 day training China net enrollment, education and training, Xinxuedao – Chinese supermarket network, Shenzhen Baixin classification, will search the training network, education and training, Guangdong dragon training network, the local treasure, Shenzhen training network, network class, search education and training network, Nantong training network, mechanical and electrical technology training network, three carriages, Shenzhen education and training network, Sohu business, Amoy network class, free learning network, Xiamen training network, training network, the training is easy to echung China, proud, Foshan training network, China training Hotline, Chinese search network, Pei Lian search > everyone!

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