Net red from the media is not the biggest value of flow

if you want to advertise, then "flow" must be a very important vocabulary.

so we are accustomed to take the flow to calculate the value of the delivery channel – Papi sauce astronomical advertising auction worth it, a lot of people will be sent to the article and Youku, the electricity supplier’s exposure cost comparison.

but I want to say today is: whether it is Papi sauce, such as red, or other media marketing channels, the biggest value is not traffic.

what do you mean? First, for example.


said in the flow, then the assumption that there is a price of 1500 yuan (far more than the ordinary chopping chopping board price), sales target is 10 thousand, you feel the need to flow or exposure to much to sell 10 thousand



in accordance with the general conversion rate, some people will guess 500W traffic, some people will guess 1000W traffic, then in fact, how much?

in fact, the whole of Asia all mall traffic are not enough — the brand block in many shopping malls have counters (including electricity), and add up to the whole of Asia last year all channel sales are not to 1W.

think it is very reasonable, after all, most of the chopping block is tens of hundreds of pieces, normal people will not suddenly change the cognitive habits (block dozens of pieces of things) to buy an expensive chopping board.

but a red net broke this Convention, on her own public number article recommend the chopping block, the results 10 minutes sold 15 thousand, more than the block in the whole of Asia a year of sales.


why is this so?

because of normal people in normal mental state, is not to buy this block — you through the mall to see a bunch of chopping, only possible in accordance with the habits of the past to buy a 100 yuan; or when you want to buy the block in a Jingdong, a search on Taobao, look almost in the middle of the price on a.

to let people change the habits of the past, to buy such a common chopping board, it must arouse some kind of psychological this person, let this person briefly become "non normal" become "longing for the ultimate experience.".


the red net public number to play this role, it lets you open the public number and this article, briefly into another person — whether you are usually a strict accountant or a free artist, when you read this article Wen Yi, you short to become "the pursuit of the ultimate experience of cooking gourmet", and only when you are this kind of psychological arousal, you can break the habit of the past, to buy a 1500 yuan board.


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