How to make Admin5 and Chinaz to their own website

series of notes: advertising and publicity is important, but the soft Wen to not soft, really give the reader experience, get inspiration articles. Even if doped with advertising, I believe we will forgive.

Admin5 and Chinaz two sites, there are many webmaster information websites are booming development of grassroots information, it seems more and more vigorously, is good for our personal webmaster, in addition to see more stories and experience on webmaster webmaster, I think more is to make these sites to our personal site work, let them come to help us promote, let the graph king, punk, even Donews Liu Ren, Techweb Zhu Zhijun, to our webmaster work together. Haha, Le Le me, the following analysis of my Raiders and ideas.

see chart, when you give someone a skill, brought PR and click to yourself, is soft? Not soft Wen? Often in the river walk, which can not AD.



Donews in home channel and free channel, AD is a paradise


each article can be seen as an article, as information, as a share, can also be regarded as soft, as AD.


 : a word: as long as you can write, as long as you can write, these sites, these owners, as well as all the other sites have to work for us.


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