On the operation of regional fast food network

had the idea of making a local fast food restaurant last year, and the idea came from a time to go to the company to talk about cooperation projects. At noon time, the box to send the boss went to ask or need to send lunch, and then go back to the restaurant to get lunch, the boss of some figure convenient printed cards to company issued, but inevitably some companies may not be lost. Today’s office workers have their own computer (in Chengdu as an example), they get information on the Internet is very convenient. At noon, each company will have 1-2 hours of sleep every day, how many workers will be in the fast-food net ordering


now places fast-food net more and more, such as: "Quanzhou very shopping nets", "Hefei food network", "Nanning food network", "Guangzhou food network" are the local fast food network, according to the population are commuters. From the functional point of view, the function of the shopping network is more complete, the other sites are also very useful functions. From the user experience, users are very convenient, also very easy to find room goal. From the profit model, almost did not see which website has a very profitable way, perhaps this is the biggest problem facing the industry.


analysis of several characteristics: fast food network is difficult to continue, profitability is difficult, difficult to maintain, easy to accept, easy popularization, fast network is to solve the problem of how to allow workers to find cheap, fast delivery lunch on the Internet, another to solve the workers in the 1-2 boring hours at noon, only firmly grasp the two core issues, fast food nets can continue to concern.

difficult to sustain

website population is mainly concentrated in the Monday to Friday at 11:00-13:00, in the rest of the time it is difficult to pay attention to the next meal to eat what to people, workers to the site is to find room to find businesses, merchants, call order even if outright, to attract users to sites in the rest of time, just wondering what work will focus on.

difficult profitable

fast food nets are directed to businesses, businesses in the above release information you (but mostly our own to collect, publish their own), a fast food 7 yuan, how businesses docking is a difficult, is working on top of you ordering, then you feedback information to the merchant, or directly above leave the business phone number, maybe this one to common behind, but how to collect business expenses? Monthly fee, annual fee, each were unable to determine the Commission?. On the contrary, if not money, what do you eat? O (a _ U) O

difficult to maintain

in a city as an example, divided into several zones, each zone is divided into many streets, each street has many offices, each office building next to a lot of businesses, which did not count in some adjacent to the office but provide room merchants. Have to admit, the difficulty of collecting information is very large, the most practical way is to run. It’s easy to collect it, you have to edit it slowly

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