Website promotion from the pursuit of personal growth


is the personal website or corporate websites need to increase website traffic, because traffic is directly related to the website marketing, website profit, more and more enterprises pay attention to the flow of personal website or website, and to find ways to improve the flow, improve the popularity of the website.

often outdated forum in stationmaster net, Chinese, webmaster Webmaster Station diving, learning website construction and promotion skills, stationmaster net learning soft Wen promotion, have to admire the soft skills of graph king, behind the master forum is a gathering place, the dive master is also a lot of long standing China founded soon, admire the fox website soon the popularity to get up, idle also go to love not to see the book, novels and comics, mainly to see some inspirational books, bring forward momentum to life.

is now the construction site is not hard, the next CMS or BLOG you can build a simple but powerful learning website, website content acquisition, a full, website content, but also the need for promotion, there are many aspects of the article about the promotion in stationmaster net.

recently saw a friend to write the promotion articles, extending from several laws to website promotion, I have seen with his inspirational books, what they used in the website promotion process on.

today is about the pursuit of excellence, this book is a friend introduced me to me to see the love found on the Internet, I think is the pursuit of excellence, personal growth (version of love found on the Internet respected Books): Click to download

1, the design is very important, very important

quotes: "for the product, this is, of course, the contradiction is that the design is more important to the service."

for the website, promotion and service is very important, but more important, if there is no good design, promotion more, negative effects will bring greater design well, out of the promotion, guests will come back more, others appreciate your design, like something invisible someone to help you promote.

quote: "a while ago, I accidentally saw IBM founder Thomas · Watson’s words. He said that if you want to achieve excellence, you can achieve today. Don’t do anything less than the standard of excellence. This sentence is really with a pregnant meaning."

simple five words, in website promotion, but also can be applied to, when seeing others good promotion methods, then I feel very good, very simple, but not their actual operation, so the site has not spread out, do not want to flow naturally, your web site traffic quickly up, think of what good method is right now, maybe just one minute, the effect is very obvious, but also see the promotion in the future success, just have more power to conduct propaganda and promotion, to do anything as long as there is confidence in the pursuit of excellence will do it.

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