You are the next product sector kylin wit Mei Long Su

this time is indeed a bit busy, the workload is great, for a new product, it can be described as a challenge. Since the national day of the products on the main performance for the following points:

1, demand management: demand collection, demand understanding, demand communication;

2, product design: information design, prototype design;

3, product tracking: UI design, R & D support, testing on-line;

can be described as a full set of health care ah!

requirements management

source is very complex, also said that everyone is a product manager, every one can of the product point, put forward their own ideas for it, also often say that the demand. Some people may say, is to put the idea of others to collect the OK, and it is not a difficult thing. Of course, it is not difficult to simply organize information, but if it involves the processing of information, it is not so easy. In general, to get the following needs to do a few things:

1, understand: you get the demand is the others through the text language description, first of all have to understand the needs of a description of what kind of facts, whether true or false need to understand;

requirements management

analysis: 2, clear demand points, demand is the real user or user is required at that time, the demand behind with what kind of concept? These problems are more important than what needs to undertake itself; part of the feasibility analysis is essential;

3, communication: is the product manager’s understanding of the needs of the needs of the same side of the requirements of a timely review of the needs of the meeting is particularly critical. And the needs of the parties to clear what they want, or to refuse to receive the needs of a reasonable reply to explain;

product design

needs through the text, only the prose writers perspective perhaps can feel its vivid and elegant temperament, and I was just a little product manager, and my product users are not essayist, discredited forest facts. In other words, the product is not the work of the people into the specific needs of the actual form of products or services, product manager (PM) is a magician. Here’s the magic tour;

1, information design: might as a product is a system, since it is the system, then there must be an objective law, how to operate?. The product is the case, any function must correspond to a set of business processes;

, for example, in the past few days to add a new platform for payment: WeChat payment; no matter how simple the function, the user needs to take the right payment process:

select / enter the amount of recharge – select payment method – "Zhi"

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