Huang Jianfeng BY HEALTH enterprise innovation road CO must first transformation

Abstract: at present, the everyone is talking about the transformation of enterprises, O2O, electricity providers, Huang Jianfeng from the IT department to responsible for brand new business, but also a transformation for the envy of many CIO and desire turned gorgeous.

met Huang Jianfeng for the first time, you will think that his identity is a professor, he has a unique scholar refined atmosphere, but in fact he has just won the "outstanding China CIO", "the most valuable CIO", "CIO China influential man" and other honorary awards, and now Huang Jianfeng is from the director of information technology China leading dietary supplement the transition to the new brand health enterprise business director. With the pace of enterprise innovation, from the CIO to the director of the electricity supplier leapfrog, Huang Jianfeng is how to do with such curiosity, CIO era network conducted an exclusive interview with him, together to explore the successful transformation of the road CIO.

in the past 20 years of Huang Jianfeng’s career, he has worked in a number of foreign companies, has accumulated a wealth of FMCG, manufacturing, toys, chemical and other industries management experience. A half ago about two years, he entered the health Limited by Share Ltd, director of information technology department, "just go, the company’s original information base is weak, informatization planning also cannot match the development strategy of the company create nutrition" United Nations ", IT construction is lagging behind in increasing business development needs and other issues, has become in the health business continued rapid in the process of the development of a short board."

, director of the new electricity supplier brand BY-HEALTH nineteenth North CIO class Huang Jianfeng

informatization strategic planning "three steps"

as a dietary supplement health first domestic shares listed, with 19 years of time to establish themselves as industry benchmarking enterprises, in Chinese has more than 40000 sales in the terminal products sales company. The company in the process of informatization, has a transparent factory of Asia’s leading in the production chain, on the other hand also followed the trend of the Internet, in the enterprise management at the same time, with the help of health in the mobile Internet wave to cultivate new business model.

2013, Tomson times put forward to value marketing from product marketing, the core is to build the core competitive advantage of differentiated service. One side is the weak foundation of IT construction, while the company’s new strategic development needs. Facing the situation, Huang Jianfeng from application system, infrastructure services, team development and IT governance and other aspects of information construction of the Company re planning and positioning, combing the responsibilities of departments and the division of labor, the IT team is divided into system, application system development, operation and maintenance management platform and four members of the two departments.

Huang Jianfeng believes that the information construction must follow the business development closely, can play a maximum value, and how to realize the effective integration of IT and business, positioning and direction of the IT sector plays a crucial role, therefore, Huang Jianfeng to the IT department for the vision positioning is "IT > into business

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