Amazon has frequent goods not a single embarrassing downtown unexpectedly hard to delivery

carefully selected goods on the shopping cart, but to the payment settlement, the system actually jumped out: you can not send the goods you ordered to the address". During the big promotion in June, after a series of customers to reflect this newspaper, in the Amazon site suffered an order can not be embarrassing. Moreover, the most surprising is that these can not be delivered to the address is a lot of downtown".

Amazon Pro suburban far urban

customer Lai last week in the Amazon mall to buy 5 pieces of music CD plus 5 books, these goods are displayed in the "goods" in the selection of the service area, there is no problem in the. Until Mr. Lai completed the delivery address, and confirmed that the choice of delivery mode, the system suddenly showed: you can not send the goods you ordered to the address". First, Mr Lai is thought to be the address of Zhabei District "a little", immediately a change in people’s Square in the vicinity of the address, but also got the same answer, "are not in the scope of delivery?" this is Mr. Lai also MEIZHE, can only cancel the order. Mr Lai is depressed and wonder: even the people’s Square are not in the scope of delivery? Are all cannot be delivered, or several pieces of

cannot be delivered?Mr. Li

in Hongkou District North Sichuan Road also encountered the same problem, he four days ago to buy a Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon, the page shows "goods", but to confirm the order before being told "not selected address distribution". Mr. Li told reporters that he fill in the delivery address is his place of work, I think it should be regarded as the downtown area, even not in the scope of delivery? "Try holding the attitude, Mr. Li for a close to Songjiang University City address, did not expect, even order a success.

is the Amazon, and pro far suburbs, urban "curious practices? To find out, the reporters try to Lai in the order of all the goods before the delivery address changed to Jiading District Moyu Road, the results turned out successful orders.

customer service reply does not match with the logistics station

Reporters then call the

Amazon’s customer service, customer service explained: "if not single, means that the goods in this area do not accept delivery". "Such as the downtown people’s Square, North Sichuan Road is also beyond the scope of delivery?" customer service explained, "a commodity can be served in what areas are shown in the product page, if you cannot click, it means not delivery." The reporter explained in accordance with customer service, for the customer to reflect the goods before the experiment, found that the theory is not established, those tips cannot be served in Zhabei District, in a single purchase, there is no hint that "what areas can delivery".

"how will exceed the delivery! This morning I just went!" Mr Ma is Amazon Hongkou logistics courier station, said North Sichuan Road area is not in the scope of delivery, let him incredible.

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