90 ideas on mobile electricity supplier what value

Tencent today launched "mobile" column, and the use of micro-blog this form, similar to the rapid transit column "speed transit road", aims to expand the micro-blog business model in electronic commerce and payment, security and other aspects of the real discussion and sharing by micro-blog.

for the electronic commerce industry almost exists logistics payment, product quality, customer service and other issues, and recently the Tencent "mobile" on-line but caught tell the development of the mobile Internet, but for the mobile Internet, is not popular, it still faces a lot of problems, although Alipay and other tools have access to a variety of intelligent mobile phone or, can direct the landing mobile phone version, but mobile providers for people whether early


mobile e-commerce, namely the use of mobile phones, PDA and handheld wireless terminals such as B2B, B2C or C2C e-commerce. People can carry out various business activities at any time and any place, realize, whenever and wherever possible line of shopping and trading, online electronic payment and a variety of trading activities, business activities, financial activities and related service activities.

once before it was predicted through PC through mobile phone users, in this seemingly rapid transit column is also discussed, but for mobile providers such as the value where, regardless of the class, Mo Xiangzhao think that mobile providers should solve the following points.

is the first product quality, just recently past Valentine’s day, so many commercial enterprises have carried out the fire, miscellaneous heap promotion, doing it with gusto in products and services, and e-commerce has always been difficult to solve the product quality, not only in the PC, and the development of mobile Internet also the concept was placed in the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, which is undoubtedly a witness to the rapid development of the business enterprise, known by comparing the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, it is difficult to judge the quality of the products, so once niubable enterprises to enter the electricity supplier, to other enterprises is undoubtedly a fatal blow, then both mobile how to develop electricity supplier, it is a few big companies in the world, other business development is difficult, difficult to develop and eventually lead to the overall situation of the industry.

The second is the

secure payment, rapid transit column editor dinda had issued a document that the Alibaba is a business system, including products, payment, logistics, service and so on almost everything, and once these to the mobile e-commerce, is undoubtedly the changes to the enterprise to bring a qualitative, although currently available intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer in various aspects of shopping, but is likely to give a unified service like feel, such as Alipay and Jingdong has not paid links, and most of the interaction had to choose online banking transactions directly with the Jingdong, but once the amount of consumption will exceed the number of bank payment limit, resulting in the loss of customers, so mobile electricity supplier is formed in the payment problem, at present the bank in addition to SMS, there is no other good way to pay consumers Words, but also need to step into

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