Talking about why the network business needs to adhere to

Why does

need to stick to it?

received a phone call at noon member, advisory business version of the problem, I let him add money JASON QQ communication. Soon after, JASON said excitedly "the member an annual turnover of 40 million, seems to have a lot of valuable user money on us". JASON went on to say "the user is now want to buy money business edition, is on trial version of the business, he is in the computer city sales of computer, there are many shopkeepers have money online accounting computer city, from the traditional stand-alone software online accounts using love gradually accounting software


"why is there such a big mutation?" I asked.

JASON was happy to say "the original tax authorities often go to the computer city assault selling computer owner, they will see any files on their computer, whether they are tax evasion. Generally they have 2 accounts, one is to the tax bureau to see, one is to look at their own, before the account data are in their own computer. Once they are found by the tax bureau, they will be fined. So they are generally not the same as before, using the traditional stand-alone billing software to do accounts, did not dare to use EXCEL, such as book account, but did not dare to download software to financial accounting, tax bureau at any time because it is easy to find evidence of a surprise attack, and are caught, caught will be fined. So they now have to go online booking, especially love to money online on accounting, because the accounting data in the off-line server, the tax bureau who went to the computer city to check them, the results can not find their financial data. It saves a lot of trouble."

at the same time these wholesalers, shop owners, self-employed, small business owners to money online business edition account there are many advantages: first, money online business version of accounting software to the financial, invoicing, customer management integration, centralized management, inventory, financial customers the convenience of customers

second: money online accounting software does not need to download and install, as long as the Internet can be used, and can also charge on a mobile phone.

third: simple and easy to use, powerful, you can do account for 99%.

fourth: even if do not understand financial boss can use their own money online accounting software easily online bookkeeping, this is the difference between the core money online with Kingdee, UF and other products.

fifth: money online advantage is that you can count the cost and profit, similar products currently on the market, only money online to do this.

sixth: money online has launched many books, the one and only sub users, automatic billing, data export functions, very suitable for a number of shops in the business accounting. Sixth: choose to use money online, in addition to the convenience, the most important is that cheap.

users from noon, I got a lot of inspiration, entrepreneurship is a difficult and lonely process, many people can not stand this

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