Analysis on the development mode and Prospect of B2C e commerce in agricultural products

at present, China’s e-commerce market ushered in the boom, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) China Internet twenty-seventh development report released in January 2011 showed that as of December 2010, Chinese users reached 457 million, Internet penetration rate rose to 34.3%, of which online shopping users reached 161 million, to raise the utilization rate of 35.1%, users of online shopping more than 48.6% growth in 2009, growth in the first place in all kinds of network applications. In the face of this unprecedented prosperity, whether traditional agricultural industries have the opportunity to leveraging the Internet platform, how about the status of e-commerce platform of agricultural products in China, how the future development prospects, whether to have the opportunity to fully develop a network of sales channels? This is our focus on the content.

agricultural e-commerce development status: huge potential market is still

B2B model currently occupy the mainstream transaction mode in the field of agricultural e-commerce, but after all, B2B mode is mainly reflected in the intermediary between the transaction, only transferring products from the merchant to the hands of the hands of another business, is not available to the final consumer goods in hand at the end of the consumer, and these the B2B model has a large number of transactions is the means of agricultural production.

With the growing popularity of the Internet and

network users rapid growth, e-commerce competition is increasingly fierce, some e-commerce platform in B2B and B2C break the fixed mode of operation, to a variety of models coexist mode of operation. The electronic platform for the construction of modern agricultural products smooth operation, is an important part of the vegetable basket project, is to solve the problem of farmers selling vegetables difficult, people buy food expensive guarantee. Now, our country still has the following problems: first, the popularity of the network in the countryside is low, coupled with the traditional farmers’ cultural level is too low, the low ability of electronic commerce operation and application under the condition that the information is not well-informed, to blindly follow the trend; formation mechanism and information dissemination tools behind the lack of market information to guide farmers two the government and market information; these in China to promote B2C as the necessity of agricultural products trade pattern is more mainstream prominence.

case analysis of agricultural products and the Internet marriage when: with the

agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, is the foundation of national stability, people live and work in peace. National attention on the problem of "three agriculture", national ministries of information and the electronic commerce of the attention and support, with the full development of the market economy, put forward new demands on agriculture, the huge market potential of rural e-commerce become more and more apparent, and the e-commerce of agricultural products has become an indispensable part for the establishment of a modern agricultural industrial system the. The mode of production and management of agricultural products must adapt to the changes of industrialization and marketization. At present, the domestic agricultural products sales network model based on B2C has already started, one designed for agricultural enterprises and individuals to create, e-commerce platform to bring more business opportunities for China agriculture and nine hundred million farmers: send 28 agricultural products to.

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