Honey bud baby was 60 million 9 months ago to enable the fight on the domain name four

renamed China (eName.cn) December 15th hearing, on-line only vertical maternal electricity supplier website honey bud baby 9 months, recently announced the completion of $60 million C round of financing, honey bud baby website enabled four spell domain name miyabaobei.com.


: Honey bud baby official website screenshot

honey bud baby positioning vertical maternal electricity supplier, the main imports of high-end baby products, on-line in March this year, imports of baby brand sale mall. It is understood that the honey bud baby’s $60 million financing, refresh the current maximum amount of financing of maternal and child vertical electricity supplier, plus the first two rounds of financing, honey bud baby has now completed up to $100 billion in financing. Its founder Liu Nan said that this round of financing will be used to upgrade the global supply chain.

honey bud baby official website domain name miyabaobei.com, although the character of a long point, but it also corresponds with the site name, easy to remember. In recent years, and the acquisition terminal enabled four spell domain name is not a few, such as actually home with Larry domain juran.cn, and will take 220 thousand "EASYHOME" four spell domain name juranzhijia.com in the bag. Ant recruitment is also enabled four spell domain name mayizhaopin.com.

in a single spell domain name is limited, the more Shuangpin domain name is registered and the application of the case, more and more people will look to bet three pieces, four pieces of the domain name on the body. Four spell domain name although it looks complicated, but if the corresponding with the name of the corresponding terminal, and catchy words, for having heard it many times, in fact, is also a good choice.

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