Zhang Fangwen how to carry out e commerce in traditional Chinese Enterprises

according to authoritative data show that as of the end of March 2011, Chinese users has exceeded 477 million people, this kind of data can tell us what? The Internet is the rapid development of electronic commerce, with vigorously promoting business in the future may be completely replaced by electronic commerce! This is what we received signal


China traditional enterprises how to conduct e-commerce? The traditional enterprise electronic commerce should have what conditions? How should we conduct e-commerce after the operation of our network company? Zhang Fangwen will explain to you with the "Chinese traditional enterprises how to correctly carry out the electronic commerce?".


e-commerce, we must first consider three issues. One. Your products are suitable for online transactions? Two. What is your target customers online number? Active? Three. Your products have a strong competitive advantage in price? If these three factors have a do not have, this will give us after the electronic commerce produced a huge obstacle.

of these enterprises are ready for electronic commerce must be considered before the problem! Zhang Fangwen advised us corporate CEOs don’t blindly follow the trend, no plans to put their whole company into electronic commerce company. Tips: This article by Zhang Fangwen original, want to see the author more articles, please search "Zhang Fangwen’s blog", please keep this copyright information, thank you for cooperation.


that we have these necessary conditions, how to correctly carry out the electronic commerce work? First of course is the preparatory work! We must carry on the detailed investigation and analysis of the market, research and competitor analysis, finally we correct our product positioning and market positioning of our products! At that age what is the target customer segment, occupation, hobby what, local area, Internet users habits etc……. We are to consider the question, these will bring us to promote a clear direction and basis of these preliminary investigations! Zhang Fangwen said no more, Zhang Fangwen has been in the blog published these articles, interested friends can go to my blog to see e-commerce platform, want to do a good job in electronic commerce, the platform must is very important! Both options such as taobao.com B2C platform, or choose the Alibaba the B2B model, and even find a Jingdong mall such companies, or their own independent operations are to look at the characteristics of the city! Your strength and your products, and your company’s mode of operation


if you are a small manufacturer, of course, first from taobao.com to start, when you reach a certain turnover, accumulated a certain customer, you can go to the direction of development to achieve sales agents, plus the sale mode, of course, this time the size of your company to extend a set, to meet sales agents


if your company has a certain scale before e-commerce, but it does not have a brand

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