C2C flames of War Pat net dig small sellers Taobao

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, state power grid from Taobao was informed by the seller, "just married" listed company of Jingdong, pat Network, will be held this month at the end of the upcoming launch of the new investment, may have taken the new deal cost reduction and flow of subsidies for sellers.

at present, organization of small and medium-sized businesses across the country at depth pat Network intensive discussions, and at the end of May the formal introduction of investment rules and open investment entrance, first settled merchants will participate in Jingdong 618 overall promotional activities.

it is understood that pat Network has released a remodeling pat signal. The seller to disclose billion state power network, the new pat Network Management in communication will clearly convey the build segment on the current C2C ecological signal, "in the future to support the small and beautiful real businesses."

A pat net new investment policy

provided by the seller in the draft, the billion state power network see, pat Network will eliminate fake "and" for small and medium businesses more equitable distribution of traffic "made of two rigid principles. The second is clearly aimed at small and medium sellers on Taobao current traffic costs are getting higher and higher pain point.

the seller to disclose billion state power network, pat Network Communication in the meeting clearly pointed out, will not be for income faire fakes rampant. At the same time, it will establish a more scientific and fair and transparent flow distribution mechanism, reduce the weight of search sales brought the brush, so that small and medium businesses really make money in the pat on the platform, "a good starting point, but the effect is difficult to judge us".

in addition, the investment policy draft, pat Network will be settled for businesses to provide a policy of reducing the cost and flow subsidies. For example, in addition to individual businesses in addition to zero investment, but also on the personal business of advertising subsidies. The business enterprise is in a period of time, deduction and platform free of charge and other preferential policies according to the settled time with all the same pat on the platform business.

it is worth noting that pat Network will replace LOGO, home and mobile phone APP design. The merchant said, the new pat home will be in early June to mid June on-line test, officially released on July. The new version of the home page will focus on the use of QQ and WeChat to recommend the chain of goods, CRM management and marketing of old customers.

seller said, with the Tencent in cooperation with Jingdong, they treat the attitude from the sidelines, gradually turned into a strong interest in the overcrowded C2C format, if the introduction of a series of Pat telepresence can support policies for small sellers, they will actively settled.

it is reported that after the reorganization of the network into Jingdong, an independent subsidiary exists in the form of Jingdong group. Jingdong had been responsible for mall open platform business vice president Kui Ying Chun has been promoted to pat Network president, business management will be fully responsible for the pat network. Relevant sources, pat will also be introduced in the near future industry executives, pat pat daily operations management.

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