Ppg VANCL contributed to the development of the B2C market guide way glasses industry

with the rapid development of the Internet, the number of Chinese netizens has jumped from 08 in to 350 million. China has become a big country. The increase in the number of Internet users to stimulate a large number of people, specifically to stimulate a large number of Internet users. The old Chen Yizhou, Ma. Whether from B2B to SNS, the ultimate goal is to carry out around the profit. Talk about the most profitable or B2C. Some people say that B2C is now very difficult to do, Taobao’s low-cost products to B2C brought a lot of pressure, but Ma Yun’s real contribution to Taobao or guide customers online shopping. For a long time, it is mentioned that the first impression of online shopping is Taobao, perhaps now is the case. But Taobao’s customers are mostly low-end customers.

like VANCL, PPG or California white-collar high-end users still exists much.

with the maturity of B2C, glasses this special commodity is also slowly with clothes, digital cameras and travel products together as one of the products can be purchased through the Internet and rest assured. According to the poll conducted by the U.S. authorities in September 2006, American adults wearing all kinds of glasses formula about 67% (Note: the last mirror, etc., especially the number of hyperopia mirror) plus wear sunglasses in summer when it comes to further push up the percentage. However, the United States has not been able to catch up with other online shopping products and far behind the footsteps of other products. In 2007, the total cost of Chinese consumers for contact lenses about $280 million. At present, the overall size of China’s glasses market of about $2 billion, the size of the United States market of similar 1/8. It is predicted that the next 10 years the annual growth of China’s glasses market will be around 10%. Accordingly speculated that in 2008 China’s contact lens market will exceed $300 million. According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 contact lenses (including contact lens care solution and other related products) B2C market size of about 30 million yuan. 2008, this figure is expected to reach 100 million yuan. With the development of online shopping market, B2C e-commerce business model will account for the future of the entire optical market 20%-30% scale."

under the example of the domestic glasses B2C e-commerce Road:

1 www.ono.com.cn auneau glasses

05 years of establishment, category of main products: contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses, glasses and other functions, Pr5. At present, the domestic comparison of the glasses e-commerce website.

2 www.sigo.cn viewing glasses network

08 years of establishment, category of main products: contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses, pr4. to enter the industry late but rapid development foreground is very good.

3 www.keede.com available optical network

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