From farmers to pat the electricity supplier to achieve 20 million of life span

Beijing CBD to Ms. Chen after work quickly pack up and leave the office, with a mobile phone and colleagues yesterday at 19.9 yuan Gold Kiwi group panic buying home to a 1 year old daughter Niuniu taste fresh, because today we arrive open tasted, said domestic gold the tricotyledon completely than produced in New Zealand the poor, zhiduoweitian, completely changed their views on domestic fruit taste.

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and Ms. Chen changed a person, according to the golden Kiwi green supplier taste shadow pat micro shop data show that only in the test run without the promotion stage, participated in the 2 film cheap, trading volume reached 2729, estimated sales of more than 50 thousand Sichuan golden kiwi, a large number of word of mouth, let the green shadow taste sales improved several times, the monthly turnover exceeded 100 thousand, in the face of such data, the founder of Tao in the feeling of joy, pat entrepreneurial rhythm, far beyond his expectations.

micro pat shop logistics, service, and payment platform operation, far beyond my imagination, such as I the size of the sellers, now is not the best time to account for the pit period, but into the pat." Lin Tao said.

Lintao enter the electricity supplier industry also is the time, just 2 years before this, he is a webmaster, more than ten years of personal webmaster career, let him full of love for the Internet, so to make a transition to local farm house in his hometown of Sichuan Mianyang, he first thought of using the Internet to sell yourself by planting strawberries. By virtue of the advantage before the Internet webmaster, Lin Tao’s strawberry business is getting better, far beyond the farm vegetables business, he opens the road of homeopathy.

Sichuan since ancient times, rich in material, due to the relationship between regional and climate, more than 95% of the country’s fruit species can be found in Sichuan, and even Hainan specialty mango are found in Sichuan. Lin Tao summed up the winter strawberry sale experience, start focusing on the development of the electricity supplier industry, after two years of development the shop worked in Taobao, Tmall, shop No. 1 shop, sales exceeded 20 million, but with the operating costs of the soaring profits, more and more low, he had to expand the development channels, he will aim at pat.

"There have been some friends before the

shop has been successful in pat, compared to other platforms, pat shop in small magnitude, but the huge user group, and the micro shop precision marketing is very beneficial to a store brand route." Lin Tao said he is optimistic about the beginning of the development, and hope to be able to account for a hole in the pat, but after the integration of the pat, not only through the reform of the system also make snap, more and more perfect, but also launched a series of products, flash purchase boutique and cheap star poly film column, made him acutely aware of "money" king.

therefore, he decisively beat into the test run cheap, cheap shot "in my opinion is more like a viral marketing, these data are pin small scale test results, and no advertising that is sufficient to prove that the drainage, mobile Internet based pat micro shop development potential. Lin Tao said.

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