Discussion on the related knowledge of medical network marketing

in health promotion, engaged in editing, optimization, and design for copywriting, art design, bidding, planning, analysis of the data, think in the medical industry to get maximum benefit from the following points:

first: the promotion plan is for the hospital’s brand word, word of mouth, therapy, technology, equipment, doctors, hospital environment and hospital history, such as a comprehensive promotion.

(1) hospitals in the city’s network share (ie, the natural ranking of Baidu home page) to occupy a total of three seats;

(2) in addition to the promotion of the task of the above classification and ranking of different platforms of the bedding, is for the treatment of patients, "evidence";

(3) prefecture level city, there is a purpose to do market analysis, the appropriate ground advertising to pave the way (based on the local consumer attitudes and consumer psychology survey)

(4) free platform and fee platform of mutual combination, not only to deal with the dependence of the platform, reasonable choice authority and patient browsing channel understanding and analysis to make effective information;

(5) for Baidu products to pay attention to, and Baidu cooperation platform also have certain involved;

(6) rational use of news platform: the news platform is a symbol of authority, for submission in the major portals, is a kind of trend is a normal, due to excessive dependence on long and unreasonable use of credible sources of news leads to decreased, and the quality and degree of correlation, experience the degree is not high resulting in users to ignore, this is a problem that need to solve certain.

(7) the use of WeChat marketing: WeChat is now a very popular is also a popular choice of marketing tools, the use of skilled as well as the user’s psychological understanding, is the key to the success of WeChat marketing.

(8) micro-blog and QQ marketing: it is popular and the effect is good, but also a lot of hospitals do the necessary choice of the network, where the details are not involved in the introduction of methods, just mention.

editing is mainly for website update, synchronized with the update site, make the site in Baidu spider crawling with new things, the most important is that users can understand the new treatment at any time, and the treatment effect and so on. It should be noted that the relevance of the content, the original degree, the user experience, there is not too strong intentions marketing discourse. On the requirements of the article to the reasonable use of the picture, the article page layout and the user’s reading psychology and so on have a certain understanding and integration.

Optimization: for website maintenance, regular updates, ranking stable and appropriate combined with the same industry, focus on the treatment of the chain, the content of the original, friends of the chain selection are worthy of attention. (just rookie don’t know too much)

copy and planning and art, they are the site of the landscaping, is to give the user a kind of experience, a direct conversion,

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