Why is an old company

everyone has two ages. One is the actual age, it is determined by the date of birth; there is a psychological age, it is determined by the state of mind. So, we can often see some young people pretending to be mature, there are some very young and middle-aged. Speaking of the enterprise, there are two kinds, one is the new company’s old, refers to the Red Sea market new entrants; there is a young old company, always maintain the vitality of the wave of the Internet wave,. For example: zhaopin.



has just released the 2016 fiscal first quarter earnings, total revenues of 349 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 19.1%; net profit of 70 million 700 thousand yuan, an increase of 18.1%, let us look at why it is an "old company", which is one of the reasons for its earnings than expected.

1, Zhaopin was founded in 1997, it was 2 years earlier than the Alibaba, 3 years earlier than Baidu, is a veritable old company. But for the NYSE, Zhaopin is a "young old company", in CEO under the leadership of Guo Sheng, listed in June 2014, but now more than a year before the time.

2, Zhaopin and future worries, chinahr.com China belongs to the earliest three recruitment sites one of the earliest known headhunting business, after nearly 20 years of development, Zhaopin has become a flagship youth market of the old company, groups of college students is one of the major service groups now. In recent years, the group released successively for college students "occupation development platform" strategy, held tens of thousands of online lectures will be the launch of the national employment certification, and joint public safety insurance new students’ financial service products ", Xiao hua".

3, the overall recruitment industry is not good. Chinahr.com had losses of $170 million, in 2013 and 2015 has been the acquisition of the U.S. online recruitment site Monster and 58 city; qianchengwuyou reported third quarter profit fell 11%. But Zhaopin is more like a "recruitment industry of the new company, not only profit net profit growth also exceeded expectations.

4, the recruitment industry continue to emerge more new faces, new models, such as occupation social platform LinkedIn (Ling Ying) and the subdivision of the recruitment website hook etc.. But the is not subversion, the old company, is to deepen the service (deepen the occupation development platform), sub service (for college students, white-collar crowd and high-end professionals three people continue to demand segments) way to get new vitality.

5, China’s Internet traffic across the PC side of the overall decline in the site, so many old sites shut down, the new APP and WeChat public numbers continue to emerge. On its website Zhaopin, flow not fall, on independent access to independence in about 2400000, an increase of 17.7%, most of the flow.

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