2011 Jiangsu nternet Conference in Xuzhou successfully completed the curtain

Admin5 webmaster network September 27th news: on the afternoon of September 25th, in Jiangsu province in Jiangsu province in the spring of the Internet Conference held in the city of Xuzhou in the spring of Cloud Gate on 2011. The conference by the Admin5 webmaster network and Baidu Internet entrepreneurs Club Co hosted, phpwind, Peng guest network Co. The conference attracted local Xuzhou, Jiangsu and more than 400 owners, Internet business representatives, guests attended. The guests are stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king), Hua Jun software park founder Hua Jun, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng (net refused to swimming fish) and bsShareCEO Li Yanshu, Ali cloud cloud computing expert Lu Kun, Baidu, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog alliance Sohu and other famous guests. The meeting, the guests have a wonderful speech and interaction with the audience at the station to ask questions, the final session of the two sessions of the table is also a wonderful exception. Webmaster network for the conference also conducted a live broadcast.

Jiangsu as a big economic province in recent years, the Internet development is rapid, the emergence of Xicihutong, Changzhou long lane, stationmaster net and other famous sites. The meeting brings together Jiangsu province Internet elite and business representatives, "entrepreneurship and innovation cooperation and win-win" as the theme, more than Internet experts and personal Adsense jointly analyzed the present and future of the Internet, explore innovation industry website, cooperation in the development of e-commerce, mobile Internet trends, micro-blog marketing and other topics; how to use the Internet for traditional industries and pointed out the direction of more efficiency, to provide more ideas for the Internet industry companies, to promote the progress and development of the Internet industry; Jiangsu network development status and trends, market positioning, business operation mode, channel conflict and channel integration industry issues of common concern, academic exchanges and dialogue on peak experience sharing conference also received strong support from the Xuzhou daily, the Yangtze Evening News unit.

At the beginning of the

meeting, Yang Hongjie, President of the Xuzhou Internet association, said in his speech that the convening of the General Assembly expressed warm congratulations. President Yang Hongjie said that the Xuzhou Internet Conference with the common development of China’s Internet development, the formation of today’s scale and influence, has witnessed the development of the Internet and the process, to promote trade exchanges and promote made its own efforts in China Internet industry. To pay attention to the development of the Internet in Xuzhou, the government departments and the owners and the media have expressed heartfelt thanks.

webmaster network CEO figure Wang in the keynote speech on personal experience to share the experience of the Internet entrepreneurs. Graph king said the Internet entrepreneurship is a difficult process, in this process, the glossy surface under the grassroots webmaster to pay a lot, but like the Chinese army like ten years as one day to return to, keep up with the changes in the Internet business environment; in what is the most important thing about the webmaster. Graph king said that the most important thing is the promotion, the number of Internet sites are numerous, but similar content, grassroots webmaster only do first-class promotion to make website talent shows itself. Web site is like a car, it can not create cost

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