Dialogue and then talk about the closure of Taiwan left the lake

      two times to see the Internet platform to exit the table, but also read the N comrades wrote the message, but also want to N+1 the status of the development of the Internet, decided to write something for the first time. At the same time also want to make their own stand for more than 1 years of experience to say to you, if not, you throw a brick, I am indebted forever!

      we put aside the seal a past or character or to say his personal articles, read several articles and his old. One point of view, although not all agree, but at least 50% of the words are still good, but also worthy of us in the webmaster nets mixed every webmaster is worth thinking and accepting. For the closure of the station to leave (or silence), personally think that our Internet or Admin5 loss. People listen to others, lost all sealed units, we tantamount to lose one’s ears can hear different voices, what can be happy?

      but, as a seal, I don’t want to be the real news about his exit, but if it’s the real thing, it’s starting to make BS old. Since you are aggressive, since you can separate the first, since you pretentious, since you hope that through their own voice to lead the mainstream trend of the webmaster, why hear different voices in the exit when you? If you quit, you are not a brave man, you are just an incompetent, it can only show you the original for failure is inevitable, the same for your exit, we don’t have any regrets.

      Ma said, the success lies in adhering to. I think every one of us in this station are in fact insist, we don’t feel we are small grassroots webmaster or ignorance, I did a year, but come back to see their footprints discovered that if you stand high, the same result you will fall badly, I will fall off miserably. I remember there was a billboard on the streets of the "webmaster", speculation or, to attract eyeballs worth mentioning, but I was almost the same as he was a year ago, I also talk about the concept of model speak positioning, but useful? Grassroots webmaster do stand within a year, only one purpose, to earn their own money to live, to save the lives of their owners, don’t starve, don’t have no money to buy the domain name space rent, no money in the Internet, we have no time to consider what management, consider what the mirage with no reality whatever. However, if we do not make money, then we can see many webmaster to shut down his beloved sad website article, very touching, I think every webmaster mood at the moment is the same, so many webmaster until today still insist, I want to say, can do stand and adhere to the individual stationmaster is the real China Internet backbone, the Internet is China real future, without their long tail support not Chinese the Internet boom.

      each N>

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