Chongqing investigated 38 cases of network infringement

, Chongqing, October (reporter Zhang Qin) – Chongqing Municipal Copyright Bureau recently launched a period of 4 months in the city to crack down on Internet piracy special action, investigate and deal with network infringement cases from 38.

reporter from the Chongqing Municipal Copyright Bureau, the focus of this special action for the Internet, LAN, Austrian copyright, "love" in 4 aspects, were investigated 38 network infringement cases, of which 1 criminal cases transferred to public security organs. In the PW case, the Chongqing Copyright Bureau identified the site set up "I love world of Warcraft" web server, information network transmission right a serious violation of the game software copyright owners, due to the large amount of illegal profit, the suspect has been legally transferred to the public security organs, which is the city of Chongqing to combat Internet piracy in a criminal case.

In addition, the Copyright Bureau of Chongqing has also investigated and dealt with 3 cases of illegal broadcasting of Olympic events and related activities through the Internet without authorization by the


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