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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 12th news, 58 city has been Appstore off the shelves, the industry will be classified as this phenomenon brush list". 58 city a magical site, but now in the face of an embarrassing, contradictory situation.

after the listing of the 58 city is facing tremendous pressure on the performance, and trying to force the wireless business to seize the market leading edge. With the development of mobile Internet, more and more Internet Co will focus on the wireless layout. Within a short period of time was the official Apple shelves, no doubt the future prospects of the 58 city wireless business cast a shadow. Two consecutive shelves because of the brush list, which gives users the impression that the city is not honest, but each time the shelf has lasted so long, so that the loss of half of the city 58 APP new. Even worse is in the Android platform, 58 city client does not occupy the absolute advantage.

is the 58 city Appstore shelf, search for "58 city" in Appstore, appeared in the first is ganji.com, which for the 58 city, is a huge blow.


58 city claims that, haven’t to go to the market as a rival. But before the war from the advertising market, after the listing of the battle for the customer capital, war, or even move to another side of the battle latitude, 58 city and Ganji struggle has never stopped. Even in the 58 city go to the market to catch up a large portion of the case, still staring at the 58 city go to the market you launched real estate section, every act and every move, I will follow the launch of real estate season, you push the recruitment section, I will push the recruiting season, the gas field and the scale is big than you.

in the last year, the negative news about the classification of information website, not only is the 58 city and Ganji also frequent spam, false employment information,

leaked user privacy and false information etc.

said the fair, 58 city has become a liar, distributing rice care, child care and other liquor, if you enter 58 city liar in Baidu search, there are 8 million 800 thousand search results related to this.

at the same time, 58 city and Ganji has been reported to the fund chain break, executives, delay IPO, and a series of negative rumors of imminent collapse. Even yaojinbo himself admitted: "the quality of the information of 58 city uneven, false content spread". Industry sources, market, 58 city classified information website under the capital turnover and operating pressure, disclosure of user privacy, reselling personal information of users. At present, Ganji and 58 city in the mobile terminal layout, products, services, investment and other aspects are similar, belong to the same starting line.

today, the mobile Internet era once again to bring the impact of classified information website cannot withstand a single blow. The main niche users of mobile Internet App covers all the life

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