Preliminary preparations for the construction and operation of portal websites

site to do for a long time, naturally will encounter an ideal, ambitious people who want to do the platform, almost all of the people can be excited at the beginning of a small. But with more exposure, almost didn’t feel what, this is the nature of the Internet industry, see the Zhuhai market, the recent years did not appear much rookie, none of the company decline press. This can be seen, this beach water is not so alive, we use this tone to do the opening, does not mean that we are not interested in the platform, did not consider. Just want to remind entrepreneurs who want to be on the Internet, you must consider clearly, ready to do, or that is a waste of money and waste of time, of course, is a waste of you, definitely not the Internet company.

starts with a heavy tone, just do a kind of "tips", after all, the topic for discussion today is the portal of the preparation, and topics related to the process node and the like, here we have some.

do vertical platform

What is the meaning of the vertical

, literally understandable, vertical or vertical and straight? Not only the popular explanation is that only their own platform, what do not start? We are disgusted with this similar.

1, if the channel function to do more, the development cycle will be very long, system maintenance and management workload will increase.

2, there are so many channels must have so many project teams to manage, workload will increase.

3, everyone knows the site ultimately depends on the content of the manuscript and the news will become very complex;

4, the market is not up, people have done nearly 10 years of local portal, what is better than you, why customers buy your single.


is everyone’s dream, but to me all these years to see, hear, think of the point of view, is not desirable. You go to see how many of those business management chaos, there are many internal problems can be imagined.

of course, if you told me that you have hundreds of thousands, millions or even more of the investment when I did not say, but do not tell me that after the wind or the like, that is too far.

there is a possibility that personal webmaster do play, purely to satisfy personal interests, so that you can, but you must keep long-term struggle, always ready.

said so much, you have to talk about the practice of vertical site.

analysis of their familiar industry, preferably with certain resources, Internet and website user experience from the point of view of value he is, he is the media, but from the product and sales point of view, he is a commodity, if to do their own industry, must be familiar with the industrial chain, has a corresponding relationship network that will be more conducive to the healthy development of the platform.

industry must have room for growth, good business is done slowly

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